The characteristic of a gentleman is what is required in the world today, which is dominated by aggression and bad behavior. Read below to learn how to become a gentleman.

How To Be A Gentleman

A young man was carefully walking down a narrow pavement beside muck and dirty water, when he saw a man coming through the opposite direction. The pavement was so narrow that one of them would have to get down in the mud to let the other pass. When they came face to face the other guy rudely said “I don’t give my way to scoundrels” to which the young man politely said “but I do” and stepped down. This delightful anecdote is attributed to a certain president of the United States. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine such gentlemanly behavior coupled with sharp wit that the young man displayed and rudeness and vulgarity has become the norm of the day. Any situation like the one mentioned above would certainly have lead to confrontation in today’s scenario. As the example of the young man given above shows, it doesn’t take rude words and strong fists to keep one’s head held high. However, it seems like, nowadays, the qualities of a gentleman have become, if not extinct, then certainly rare. Gentlemanly manners are one of the best ways to present the excellent qualities in humans and so it is very necessary for everyone to learn how to become one. The various tips given below will help you to mould your personality that will beget you the attention and appreciation of everyone. Read further to know more on how to be a gentleman.

Ways To Be A Gentleman

  • Politeness is the main characteristics of a gentleman. Always be polite no matter how rudely others behave. Even if you don’t like the person, it is always better to avoid him/her, instead of stooping down for any confrontation. Remember that politeness will show you to be the better man.
  • Do not lose your temper. Only when you learn to control your temper will you be in control of other things. When you show anger, others will think you are impatient and rude. Keep your cool no matter how stressful the situation becomes. This will make others develop a positive impression of you.
  • A gentleman doesn’t swear. Swearing will only make others think that that is the only way in which you can express yourself. So to be a gentlemen, swearing is a big no-no. It doesn’t suit the demeanor of a gentleman to be crude and vulgar.
  • Speak in a moderate voice. Never be too loud or barely hearable, as it can irritate others. Speaking loudly will imply that you are using force rather than mere argument to make a point. Also, in company speaking loudly attracts negative attention.
  • Look at the eyes while speaking. But take care that you do not stare at the person. It is very ungentlemanly to ogle at someone as it can be construed that you are trying to intimidate the person. Ogling or staring is tantamount to aggression.
  • Be patient when talking to people. Allow them to finish whatever they are saying and don’t simply interrupt them for no reason. It is very bad etiquette to throw your comments around when someone is speaking and especially so when your comments are uncalled for. Constant interruption will portray your lack of social skills and arrogance.
  • Show respect towards others. The more you respect others, the more respect you will get in return. Show that you care and be charitable. Volunteer your help to anybody in need and you will always be applauded for your gentlemanly behavior.
The article on how to be a gentleman helps you come one step closer to becoming chivalrous and respectful. Read the tips on being a gentleman to be in touch with your gentle side.

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