It’s normal to be afraid of something, but it’s strange to be afraid of strangest things. Discover some weird and unusual phobias with the list in this article.

Weird Phobias

What do David Beckham, Madonna, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Kidman, and Pamela Anderson have in common? Yes, they are all gorgeous-looking and popular celebrities. But it is their phobia that connects them all. If you thought that the fear of electric gates, CCTV cameras, and burly security guards is strange, you would be surprised to know that these are nothing when compared to strangest phobias. While Beckham is confined to ataxophobia (fear of disorder), Madonna suffers from brontophobia (fear of thunder). Similarly, you can relate Orlando to swinophobia (fear of pigs), Nicole to lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies), and Pamela to eisoptrophobia (fear of mirrors). Though all of us exhibit some kind of phobia, there are people who get overwhelmingly uncomfortable over certain objects, places, situations, or experiences. Know more about these weird and unusual phobias by steering through the lines listed herein.
List Of Strange And Unusual Phobias
This is the fear of flowers. Strange but true! Even with no threat from flowers, sufferers of this phobia fear any genus or species of flowers and it can be as intense as any part of the flower, such as a petal or stem.
This is the fear of computers or working on a computer. Though computers are a part of today’s technology movement, people suffering from cyberphobia are frightened of working on the PC and thus find excuses to escape their assigned tasks. Such people refuse to use technology or computers, backup computer programs, save documents, close programs, or clean up hard drives.
Surprisingly, there is a small chunk of people who fear pleasure. Yes, you’ve read it right. People affected with this phobia feel guilty over pleasurable moments not realizing that there are loads of less fortunate individuals who are suffering from severe ailments and hardships in life.
This is the fear of living with parents-in-law. Considered to be one of the scariest phobias, sufferers of this disorder live under the constant fear of their in-laws, even though they are lucky to be blessed with good and understanding parents-in-laws.
Just like its name, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Call it strange, weird, unusual, or abnormal, but few people unknowingly are afraid of exceptionally longer words.
Believe it or not, certain individuals develop the fear of going to bed. As such, these victims may complain of anxiety, despite knowing the fact that it is a natural process of heading towards the bed for a good night’s sleep and avoiding this sleep can harm their health. These victims are afflicted by insomnia due to lack of sleep.
This is the fear of new experiences and new things. The victims prevent themselves from trying out anything new, visiting new places, or even breaking their set routine. If asked to carry out these activities or alter their schedule, they become angry, frustrated, or irritated. Thus, you’ll find majority of neophobics preserving their traditions and passing them onto their children.
This is the fear of being tickled by feathers. Some babies who are constantly tickled by feathers grow up to develop this phobia and hence, feel trapped. People who suffer from the fear of being tickled have this irrational fear as well. So, the next time you tickle a baby with feathers, think twice!
Most of these weird phobias prove to be good laugh-at jokes, but victims of such strange phobias actually suffer from severe depression and stress.

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