There are different types of psychic powers among people. Go through the article to find a list of different psychic abilities.

Types Of Psychic Powers

The term 'psychic' is generally used in context of a person who has the ability to recognize things that are hidden from the five basic senses. In other words, psychic powers comprise of the knack to sense something through the use of extra-sensory perception. While some people are blessed with extraordinary powers at birth, there are others who develop such powers by constant practice and training. Psychics and their powers are often met with skeptical glances, but exist nonetheless. There are different types of psychic powers in this world. Some psychics might have all of them, while others might be blessed with one or two only. Read on to get a list of the different types of psychic powers.
Types Of Psychic Powers 
  • Clairvoyance is the term given for the ability to 'see' objects that are either far off or hidden. One of the rarest psychic ability, it takes a lot of time to develop and is generally kept secretive by people who have it. Clairvoyants can also visually see spirits and angels also. 
  • Clairaudience is the psychic power related to 'hearing'. People, who have such a capability, can hear voices from different time or places, which are inaudible to others.   
  • Clairalience is the power of 'smelling'. People who have clairalience have the ability to smell aromas and odors that come from a spiritual source. 
  • Clairknesis is the term given for the ability to 'feel' the angels and spirit around a person.   
  • Clairsentience means the ability to sense subtle feelings, emotions or energy. In this instance, the psychic has an insight or 'knowing' of a hidden or forgotten fact.
  • Intuition is the psychic power or sense to attain information without making an effort to know about it. It is generally a person's quick and ready insight, which is seemingly independent of any previous experience or observed understanding.
  • Channeling is the power to act as a channel, so that a spirit can communicate using your body. It is noted as a process of receiving message from spirits.
  • Precognition is the psychic power associated with people who have the capability to know the future, before it actually happens.
  • Telepathy is linked with people who have the potential to know what others are thinking. While the other person says nothing, a telepath is able to contemplate what he has thought.
  • Medium is a psychic power through which people are able to listen to or observe dead spirits. These kinds of psychics often share a number of related skills and have a vast storage of energy from which to draw, but are often unable to practice their art alone.
  • Retro-cognition is connected with people who have psychic powers to see, hear and feel into the past lives.
  • Psychometry deals with the ability to know about a person by touching the object he has touched. It is through psychic impressions or vibrations that such psychics identify the person and reveal about him.
  • Aura is the ability to figure out the energy that originates from living beings. People with such psychic ability can often reveal much about the person by seeing his/her aura.
  • Empathy means the ability to feel other person's needs and wants. Empathic people are able to pick on the emotions of others, even if they do not say. They do it by the mental and physical energies emitted out by a person.

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