Find out useful information and advice on social etiquette & good manners.

Scholarship Thank You Letter

Scholarship thank you letter is written to express your gratitude towards the donor. Go through the article and learn how to write thank you letter for scholarship.

How To Write A Formal Letter

Although e-mail is dominating the arena of mailing, people still communicate important information by writing formal letters. Read the article to know how to write a formal letter.

How To Write A Funeral Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card is the first step when you hear the news of the death of someone you know. Learn how to write a bereavement sympathy card when you cannot or do not attend the funeral.

How To Deal With Bossy People

How To Deal With Bossy People

Dealing with bossy people requires a lot of patience. Go through the article to get tips on how to deal with bossy people.

Wedding Etiquette For Guests

Wedding etiquette are some rules for perfect behavior, which should be followed by guests. Read on to check out wedding guest manners.

Hello In Different Languages

Information about saying hello in different languages becomes essential if you indulge in international traveling a lot. Through this article, know how to say hello in different languages.

Announcing Your Engagement

There are a number of interesting ways, which you can use for announcing your engagement. Go through this article and get tips on how to announce your own engagement.

Party Invitation Etiquette

While sending an invitation for party, make sure you follow certain etiquettes. Check out the etiquette for party invitations, given below.

How To Control Being Disrespectful

In this article we give you some tips and tell you how to control being disrespectful.

How Can I Ask Telemarketers To Stop Calling

Find out how to get telemarketers to stop calling you.

How To Make Small Talk

Learn how to make small talk with the help of some easy and interesting tips given below.

Why Do People Stare

If you have always wanted to know the reason behind the stares that you get, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you some reasons why people stare.

How To Deal With Nosy Questions

Most of us have been at the receiving end of nosy people and their nosy questions, without knowing how to respond/deal with them. Check out some tips on answering nosy questions.

How To Write A Wedding Thank You Card

Given below are some tips for writing a wedding thank you note/card. To know how to write wedding thank you cards, read on.

How To Look Like a Model

If you have always wanted to know how to look like a model, given below are some tips and ways to achieve the same.

How To Write A Thank You Note

Writing a thank you note does not require much time. Given below are some tips on how to write a good thank you note.

How To Be A Better Friend

There are many ways through which one can become a better friend. Check out tips on how to be a better friend.

How To Be Punctual

How to be punctual is a common question, worrying people worldwide. Given below are some to be tips to help you to be on time.

Saying Goodbye To Your Best Friend

Saying goodbye always hurts, especially when it concerns your best friend. Read on to know how to say goodbye to your old friends.

How To Write A Sympathy Card

A sympathy card holds a message for the friends & family members of a deceased person. With our tips for writing sympathy cards & learn how and what to write in a sympathy card.

How To Dance At A Club

Nothing promises more fun in a nightclub than dancing away to glory. If you want to break down that shy attitude, just go through our helpful tips to learn how to dance at a night club.

How To Use A Bidet

A bidet is a sink used for cleaning the genitalia and the anus. This article provides you tips for using a bidet, and tells you how to use bidets as an alternative to tissue papers.

How To Become More Talkative

Want to become more noticed and make your presence felt by talking to people? Then read these useful tips given below that tell you how to become more talkative.

Night Driving Tips

Driving cars safely at night is a big problem, as the visibility at night is extremely low. Keeping you safety in mind, we have provided a number of ‘night driving tips’ here.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding invitation wording is an important part of invitation etiquette. Read further to know how to write marriage invitation.

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