Scholarship thank you letter is written to express your gratitude towards the donor. Go through the article and learn how to write thank you letter for scholarship.

Scholarship Thank You Letter

The first step after receiving a scholarship from school/college for higher studies is to thank the donor who has provided you the financial assistance. A thank you letter sent via the conventional “snail mail” i.e. post is the perfect way to extend your gratitude towards the donor. A scholarship thank you letter helps the donor know more about the person to whom he/she has donated the funds for pursuing higher studies. Writing a scholarship thank you letter is not difficult, provided you keep in mind the instructions given below. Go through the following tips and know how to write scholarship thank you letter.
How To Write Thank You Letter For Scholarship 
  • Write the date on the top, left side of the letter.
  • Add your name and address just below the date, again on the left side.
  • After leaving a line, write the recipient’s (donor of the scholarship) name. Write his/her address in the following lines.
  • Follow with the subject of the letter, for instance - "Expressing Gratitude".
  • Address the scholarship donor by using formal salutation, along with appropriate prefixes. For example - Dear Mr. Smith or Dear Mrs. Williams.
  • Remember, the writing style for a scholarship thank you letter is formal. Therefore, use words that are suitable for formal letters.
  • Start the letter by expressing your sincere gratitude to the donor for his/her contribution to the specific scholarship that you have received. Express your gratitude in a sentence or two. “I am honored to receive the scholarship” or “I am glad to have the opportunity to thank you personally for the scholarship” will be a good start.
  • After expressing your gratitude, tell the donor a little about yourself - where you grew up or why you chose the school or college. This should not exceed four lines.
  • Tell him/her about your interests, extra curricular activities, future plans and goals in the following paragraph, which should be not exceed four to five lines.
  • Conclude the letter by thanking the donor once again and then sign the letter, again in the left side.

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