There are a number of interesting ways, which you can use for announcing your engagement. Go through this article and get tips on how to announce your own engagement.

Announcing Your Engagement

You have been going around with a guy and everything seems to be perfect! The two of you have same interests, he takes care of you and you love it when he is around you. One day, when you were least expecting it, he goes down on his knees, with the engagement ring in his hand, and proposes. Before you know it, you have become engaged. The world suddenly looks more beautiful and there is an altogether different glow on your face. Now, comes the time to make the formal announcement of your marriage - to your family members, relatives as well as your friends. In order to help you out, we have listed different ways of announcing your engagement, in the lines below.
How to Announce Your Own Engagement
  • Your immediate family i.e. your parents and siblings are first people whom you should tell about the engagement. If possible, get your family and your fiancé's family together, on some pretext, and break the good news.
  • In case either or both of the families do not remain close by, both of you can take a flight to your respective house and announce the engagement personally.
  • In case you do not have the time and budget for going home, personal phone call is the best option. While you call your family, you fiancé's will call his. 
Relatives and Friends
  • After the parents, it is the time to let your relatives and friends become aware of the latest development. In this case also, announcing the engagement in person is the best option.
  • A phone call comes across as the next best option. It saves you the time and effort of going to everyone's house and at the same time, is somewhat personal too.
  • In today's world of evolving technology, e-mail is one of the best ways of letting everyone important be aware of the good news. It is quick, lets you articulate the words properly and does not cost anything.
  • These days, setting up a wedding website is emerging to be a popular choice, as far announcing your engagement is concerned. A website will allow you to convey the details about your upcoming wedding and display your engagement photo also.
  • If you want to go the traditional way, buy a beautiful writing pad and write letters to all your near and dear ones, telling them about your engagement as well as your upcoming wedding.
  • Get your friends, family members and relatives together, for a dinner party. Invite your fiancé and his family and friends too. As soon as everyone is there, break the news.
  • If you want to spend money and be traditional, formal announcement cards is one of the best ways of announcing your engagement. However, do not send these cards to the people you are not planning to invite for the wedding, as they might be interpreted as wedding invitation.
  • If you want to announce your engagement to the general public, an announcement in your local paper will be the best bet.

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