A gothic wedding ceremony is a different and unique way of uniting two people. To know how to throw a gothic wedding ceremony party, read on.

Gothic Wedding Ceremony

A Gothic wedding is one of the most unique ways of getting two people together. This kind of ceremony does not resemble the usual weddings that take place in Church. On the contrary, Gothic wedding ceremony is all about discarding the mainstream beliefs and values. It confides in mysticism and ancient Druidic practices. Goths are basically people who are attracted towards the darker side of life. This ideology is the main reason behind the peculiarity that Gothic weddings exude. Read on to know how to throw a Gothic wedding.
How to Throw a Gothic Wedding Ceremony 
  • The first and foremost thing to do is to find a location for the wedding ceremony. Outdoor locations such as historic, old cemeteries or a stone archway - covered in plants and weeds are often chosen for such weddings. For indoor locations, you can choose places with stone archways, stained glass, velvet chairs and fireplaces. Haunted locales also work well.
  • Pick a color scheme that blends well with the venue. Usually, for Gothic weddings, the color palette chosen is that of dark colors. Black is mandatory. You can choose shades like midnight blues, dark maroons, dark greens and dark reds also.
  • You can also keep a dress code for the people invited in the wedding party. Black, gray, red, dark blues and greens are preferred for all members in Goth wedding.
  • As far as bride is concerned, she wears dresses resembling those of the middle ages, renaissance or the darker side of the underworld. The dress can have styles, such as puffed sleeves, plunging necklines or tightly cinched bodices. The brides-maids can don ruby red gowns.
  • The groom can go for a touch of dark velvet, along with his entourage.
  • Invitations are an integral part of any wedding. You can look out for a particular style and design for your wedding. Goth designs often constitute of elements such as Celtic knots, stained glass designs and ornate medieval designs.
  • For decorations, go for flowers like black roses or any other dark colored bloom. Crimson roses and dark ivy can be used to provide a striking backdrop to the ceremony. Remember, candles are a must, which can be placed in old candlesticks and candelabras, for creating a mystic effect. Bats or rats - in cages, coffins and chains can also be used.
  • For your wedding party, you should go for a classical, haunting musical score, rather than light jazz. It will create the right kind of mood and setting.
  • Choose a suitable cake, as per the theme of the wedding. It's no longer mandatory to pick white cakes. You can decorate the cake with colors that go well with the wedding. The shape of the cake can be chosen keeping the Gothic element in mind, such as castles, spikes or even a coffin. Red velvet and chocolate are great choices for cake.

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