Are you interested in the Gothic subculture? Do you want to be a part of it? If yes, then go through the article and learn how to look like a Goth.

How To Be Goth

A popular subculture that is native to the United Kingdom, Goth is today found in many other countries of the world, apart from its homeland. The Goth subculture, which has survived for a much longer time than the other cultures that co-existed during its emergence, continues to broaden its horizons till date. The aesthetics, taste, music and fashion trends of the subculture are what set a Goth person apart from the crowd. If you want to carry the perfect Gothic attitude, you need to involve yourself in some serious research work. Go ahead and make efforts to learn about the history and tradition of Goth culture, along with gathering information about the dressing sense, music and reading habits related to it. By having some background knowledge, you will be able to embrace the culture even better. In case you are wondering how to attain that perfect Goth look, you have chanced upon just the right article. With the tips given in the article, you can get complete idea on how to be Goth.
How To Be Gothic 
  • You can never ever be a Goth without listening to Gothic music, because it is regarded as the very essence of the subculture. Go to a music library, collect the CDs of Post-Punk Bands, Batcave Era, Second Wave Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Ethereal Darkwave and Death Metal and listen to them. Try to absorb the music in your senses, because it is what ties the people of the subculture.
  • The next thing important in Goth culture, after music, is fashion. They are real fashion buffs. Fill your wardrobe with everything that is black in color. If you want to add substance to your wardrobe, you can include deep rich colors, such as blood red, apart from black. Long sleeved black shirts or short lacy black tops will be suitable for the look. Make use of lace and antique-looking materials to accessorize your clothes.
  • Never wear costume paint, to achieve the pale complexion of a Goth, because it looks horrible. Instead, mix white foundation primer with the foundation color of your skin tone, to get the desired pale look. Highlight your eyes with kohl, followed by a generous dose of eyeliner. To get the pointed look, extend your eyeliner out, to the side of your face.
  • A Goth tends to be moody and maudlin. If you are a happy-go-lucky person, probably Goth is not suitable for you. If you want to stick to the idea of becoming a Goth, you need to develop the somber mood as well.
  • Goths are addicted to reading. So, develop the habit of reading books. It will be better if you make a through research over the internet and learn what types of books are preferred by Goths.
  • Join a Goth club, to mingle with people of the subculture. There, you will be able to talk to the people freely and share your views with them about the Gothic subculture and the prevalent trends.

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