Do you want to know how to annoy your colleagues? If yes, then check out the best ways to annoy coworkers.

Ways To Annoy Coworkers

Does your coworker always get on your nerves? Does he/she annoy you all through the day, while at work? You are not alone, troublesome colleagues is a common problem faced by people. You can easily spot at least one person in every organization, who proves to be a pain in the neck for others. Dealing such a situation tactfully, without hurting the person, is suggested. However, if you do not want to try out the good old methods of compromising with the situation or tolerating the person, you may hit back at him/her. Show him/her what it feels to be annoyed. Given below are the best ways to annoy coworkers, without landing yourself into much trouble.
How To Annoy Your Colleagues 
  • The laughter therapy is a great stress buster. It can also prove to be very annoying for others, if you smile and laugh endlessly, without any purpose! Do this especially when the atmosphere at work is tense. Surely, at least one of your co workers would feel frustrated at your behavior!
  • Be a nuisance to the coworker, by teasing him/her with weird nicknames. Instead of calling by the first or last name, tease him/her by the nick name that annoys him/her the most. This would instantly shoot his/her temper. Make sure that you do not land yourself in trouble, by becoming over offensive.
  • Making loud noises on the computer's keyboard continuously is annoying. To annoy the people around you at the workplace, bang your head on your PC's keyboard repeatedly. When people turn towards you and ask 'what's wrong', reply with a simple 'nothing'.
  • To annoy your colleagues, forward them as many stupid E-mails as possible. Spams and chain letters would annoy them at the very first glance. Send them funny puppy pictures, with no content or link to a long news story that no one is interested in reading.
  • The very common thing that people often overlook, and which annoys others working in the office, is a loud ringtone. Set an irritating ringtone on your mobile phone. To prove a real nuisance for the people working with you, play the ringtone even if you are not receiving any calls.
  • Another thing that annoys people instantly is talking loudly over the phone. Make use of office landline or your mobile phone, to pretend that you are talking to an important person, say an old friend, after a long time. Raise your volume, while talking. Be so expressive over the phone that others tend to turn towards you. You can also annoy your coworkers by talking in a slang language, over the phone.
  • You can make use of stationery items in the office, to annoy your coworkers. Bend all the staples in the stapler, so that the item becomes useless. Leave a number of unnecessary copies of print outs beside the printer. Club all the paper clips together. By doing such things, you would easily annoy a person and raise his/her temper!

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