A bidet is a sink used for cleaning the genitalia and the anus. This article provides you tips for using a bidet, and tells you how to use bidets as an alternative to tissue papers.

How To Use A Bidet

Etymologically French in origin, ‘bidet’ means a pony. However, in the English language, the word takes a completely new meaning. The only similarity is that one mounts a bidet, just as one does a pony. A bidet is actually a low-mounted after-toilet sink used for cleaning the genitalia and the anus. Thus, a bidet is a sanitary alternative to using a tissue paper. A common bathroom fixture in Europe, Middle East, South America and some parts of Africa and Asia, this is regarded as one of the most hygienic methods. Even though, in structure, it resembles a toilet, but it is more akin to a washbasin in function. While traveling to Europe, Latin America or East Asia, you will often come across bidets in most bathrooms. Many people, who are not acquainted with a bidet, might walk away, washing their hands in it. However, it is quite easy to use a bidet. If you want to stay on the safer side, go through the following tips that tell you how to use bidets.


Tips for Using a Bidet Toilet

  • First, mount or sit on the bidet. You may choose to either face the bidet's water controls or face away from them. Facing the controls makes it easier for you to control the flow and temperature of water. Bidets come in varied designs; it is the part of the body which you wish to clean decides the way you must face.
  • Carefully note the location of the various jets in order to avoid shocking jet showers.
  • Next, regulate the temperature and the pressure of the jets. In case, the bidet has provisions for both hot and cold water, choose your likes.
  • Sit in such a position that the water jets hit the desired area.
  • In case the bidet has two nozzles, use the shorter one to clean the anus, and the longer one to clean the genitals.
  • Some bidets might have a single nozzle adapted with settings. Use it as required.
  • Some bidets do not have jets, but a conventional faucet. In such cases, fill the basin to wash yourself.
  • Turn the faucet on gently and adjust the pressure of the water as per your requirements. Be careful while performing this step as some of the bidets tends to produce a strong jet of water which might actually soak you.  Some bidets require the user to hold the controls to on the water jet, the function which is similar to that of a drinking fountain.
  • Modern bidets have a built-in air dryer used for drying the wet areas. However, you need to opt for a toilet paper, in case there is no dryer. Some of the bidets possess a towel on a ring which is positioned next to the bidet. Use the towel to dry the genitals and hands. These towels are also used to mop any splashes around the rim after you rinse it.
  • Finally, make sure to clean the bidet after use. Run the jets for a couple of seconds, and see that it is as fresh as before.
  • Make use of soap and water to clean your hands as you do at any time after using the toilet.
Using A Bidet Which Is Part Of The Toilet
  • Once you are done with using the toilet, turn the control positioned at the side and allow the bidet to spray away.
  • Adjust the controls as per your requirements.
  • In case your bidet does not have a dryer use a towel accordingly.
  • A Bidet is helpful to those people who are making a recovery from surgeries, who have physical disabilities, dexterity and other problems which restricts their movements, diseases which involve genital and rectal areas, people who have various medical conditions like hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and dysentery, people who possess developmental disabilities like Down's syndrome, mental retardation, autism, or cerebral palsy.
  • Using bidet helps in preventing or minimizing yeast infections or Vaginitis.
  • It leaves your body cleaner than a wiping towel does. It reduces the usage of a toilet paper.
  • Bidet can also be used to wash the feet quickly though it is not the perfect place to soak your feet.
  • Bidets are helpful for those who want to relieve the inflammation caused by hemorrhoids or diarrhea.
  • Those people who suffer from irritating and sensitive areas in the body after a surgery or a delivery are advised to use bidets by the doctors.

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