Find out how to get telemarketers to stop calling you.

How Can I Ask Telemarketers To Stop Calling

Telemarketers can be quite a pain at times. However, if you have always wanted to avoid such phone calls but never knew what to say or do, read on. In this article, we tell you how to get telemarketers to stop calling.
How Can I Stop Telemarketers to Stop Calling 
  • If available, it is always advisable to check the caller ID. If it is some number which you do not recognize, then it might be a telemarketer. But, on the contrary it can be your friend or family member who might be calling from another phone, so be cautious about it.
  • Another way of avoiding such calls is after answering the phone, if you feel that you do not know the person on the other side of the phone, say a simple sorry and hang up. You can also say something like - "Sorry, but I do not accept telephone solicitations at this number."
  • Make sure you find out the name of the company that the marketer is calling from. Some of the telemarketers will just give you their name when asked who is calling. If the caller acts smart, simply ask which organization he/ she is calling from.
  • After you have successfully got the name of the organization, request immediately that you be placed on the particular company's ‘Do not call list’.
  • Jot down or save the number of the company that had called you. This will remind you that you have already asked the company to stop calling you if they call you again.
  • Simply hang up! Yes, this is rude, but sometimes you need to be a little rude to make them understand. 
  • If you do not have any interest in the product they are trying to sell, say so directly instead of wasting anyone's time.
  • Be fast and precise to ask them to add you in their 'Do not call' list. Some marketers are pretty clever and will hang up as soon as they sense what you are trying to say.
  • Simply saying something like - "No, thank you, I would not like to buy the product" will work sometimes but be firm in whatever you say.
  • If you have voice message activated, then, perhaps you can record something like - "If you are a telemarketer or a business organization trying to sell anything, please put me on your 'Do not call' list. Thank you."
  • Lastly, try not to make personal attacks on anyone. Please remember, that those telemarketers are people too who are trying to make a living like you.

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