Find out useful information and advice on social etiquette & good manners.

Cocktail Party Etiquette

It is very necessary to follow proper etiquette for cocktail parties, whether you are a regular or a novice. With this article, explore cocktail party etiquette in detail.

How To Write A Wedding Announcement

Wedding announcement is a way to make people know about your marriage. Explore the article to know how to write a wedding announcement.

How To Receive Compliments

Many of us have difficulty in accepting compliments. Explore through this article, tips on how to receive compliments.

How To Take A Phone Message

Taking effective phone messages goes a long way in defining your networking skills. Go through the article, to gets tips on how to take a phone message.

How To Comfort A Grieving Person

Seeing a friend in grief is hurting, but you can ease their pain if you know how to comfort a grieving person. In case you don't, check out some tips on comforting the bereaved.

How To Decline An Invitation

Saying no is an awfully difficult thing to do, more so when it involves declining an invitation. Read the tips given here and learn how to politely turn down an invitation, without causing hurt.

How To Write Letter To The Editor

If writing letter to the editor of a newspaper/magazine is entirely a new experience for you, then read the article. With the tips given here, you will know how to write letter to the editor.

How To Be Politically Correct

Do you always wonder how can people be politically correct at all times? Do you want to be just like them? Explore the article for some simple tips for being politically correct.

How To Remember Names

Some people fail to create rapport in social circle, because they lack the quality of remembering names. If you are one amongst them, find out how to remember names, with the tips given here.

How To Ask For Forgiveness

Most of us don’t really know how simple asking for forgiveness from others is. Just read the article to know to how to sincerely apologize for your wrong doing and ask for forgiveness.

How To Introduce People

Are you looking for the best ways of introducing people to others? If yes, then read the article and learn how to introduce people.

How To Shake Hands

Shaking hands with someone is an art, in which you can often go wrong. Go through the instructions on how to shake hands, given here, and make sure that you put your best hand forward.

Proper Etiquette For Visiting Hospital Patients

It is very necessary to follow proper etiquette for visiting hospital patients, lest you end up making trouble for others. Read on to explore etiquette tips for hospital visits.

Cell Phone Etiquettes

Many people have bought mobile phones today, but very few of them are aware of the manners to be followed while talking on them in public. Let's explore some cell phone etiquettes.

Bridal Shower Etiquette

Certain etiquettes should be followed, while arranging a bridal shower party, because the event is as ceremonious as wedding. Check out the bridal shower etiquettes guide.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

While choosing and presenting a wedding gift to a couple, it is important to follow the basic etiquette. The wedding gift etiquette guide given here will prove to be handy.

Telephone Etiquette Tips

Following good phone etiquettes is important, because your conversation on the phone might be disturbing to those around you. Explore the article and check out the telephone etiquette tips.

How To Talk To A Dying Person

Talking to a dying person may seem to be intimidating, especially if you have not encountered someone facing death earlier. With this article, you will learn how to talk to a dying person.

How To Introduce Yourself

You should exude a degree of confidence, while introducing yourself to unknown people. Learn how to introduce yourself by the best way, through this article.

Habits Women Hate

There are a number of habits that women hate in men. If you want to know your girlfriend/wife better, go through this article and explore habits that a woman likes and dislikes.

How To Close A Sympathy Letter

While closing letters of sympathy, make sure to leave an expression of comfort and affection. Go through the article to get tips on how to close a sympathy letter.

How To Act Like A Lady

Acting like a lady requires some skills that can be learned only with time. Read the article to get guidance on how to act like a lady.

What To Wear To A Classical Music Concert

Choosing the attire for a classical music concert may seem to be a daunting task, as your dress should perfectly suit the occasion. Read the article to know what to wear to a classical music concert.

Wedding Shower Invitation Etiquette

A wedding shower invitation requires you to follow proper etiquette. With this article, explore all about the etiquettes for bridal shower invitations.

Ways Of Saying Hi In Other Languages

Do you want to know the ways of saying hi in other languages, apart from your own? If yes, then go through this article and know how to say hi in different languages.

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