Choosing the attire for a classical music concert may seem to be a daunting task, as your dress should perfectly suit the occasion. Read the article to know what to wear to a classical music concert.

What To Wear To A Classical Music Concert

Classical music concert is a special occasion that demands the right conduct of the audience throughout the performance. Etiquette is not only limited to the way you behave during the show, it extends to your attire as well. The correct choice of attire becomes very important, as it reflects your personality. When it comes to classical musical concert, the choice is not limited to formal attire. You may also choose semi-formal and casual clothes as well. In the following lines, you get a clear idea on what to wear to a classical music concert.
Classical Music Concert Attire
Attire For Men
If three piece coat seems to be too formal for the occasion, go for a blazer. Choose a matching shirt and trousers and pair the attire with black or brown leather shoes. Tie and a pair of nice cufflinks will be the final addition. Cummerbunds are optional for the attire. Make sure that you don’t choose bright and loud colors for your shirt and tie.
A sports jacket with a pair of black trousers (or dark colored pant) and shirt will be the best semi-formal wear for classical music concert. Accessorize the dress with a bowtie and a pair of cufflinks. Make sure that the shirt doesn’t carry the pattern or design of a formal wear. If the event is in the day time, opt for a light colored suit.
Choosing the most appropriate casual attire for a classical music concert may seem to be tedious because, you will have to maintain a degree of formality even when you are wearing a casual dress. Wear a v-neck t-shirt or a collared one and complement it with a pair of blue denim jeans. Go for a pair of casual shoes.
Attire For Women
Straight skirt in navy, grey or black with a classic blouse in soft shades of blue, lilac or pink will look good for the concert. Blouse with dress slacks also look good for women attending a classical music concert. A black colored stretch velvet gown with short sleeves and jewel neckline is another nice option to consider. A knit pullover with a boat neckline looks elegant. Accessorize yourself with stud earrings, a pendant and a bracelet.
If you want to be less formal in the event, go for a long or short velvet dress with a dressy blouse. Tuxedo pants also look good. Your skirt may go knee-length or a little lower. Slacks, jackets, blazers are also among the chosen semi-formal wears for women. Accessorize yourself with finger rings that do not have bright colored stones. Go for a handbag or you may carry clutch bags. Dress heels and strap-sandal come under the umbrella of semi-formal attire.
Ruffle-front shirt dress with pencil heels will look chic. Tie-waist shirt dress is another nice option to consider. Ribbon tank dress is a trendy attire. You may also go for button-front or wrap-front knit dress. It is better to avoid loud colors or wild prints for classical music concert.

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