Acting like a lady requires some skills that can be learned only with time. Read the article to get guidance on how to act like a lady.

How To Act Like A Lady

It is said that every lady is a woman, but every woman is not lady. This is because there is a great difference between the two. A woman becomes a lady only when she has all the characteristics of the latter. A lady has enough self-respect and respect for others as well. She is confident and assertive. Gentleness, elegance and sophistication reflect from her persona. Acting like a lady requires some skills. The guidance given in this article will help you get guidance on how to act like a lady.
Acting Like A Lady
Dress Nicely
A lady’s attire should be clean, coordinated and wrinkle-free. She won’t prefer skin-show; rather would ensure that her clothes are not ill-fitting - neither baggy nor skin-tight. As a lady, make sure you always dress up nicely and appropriately, according to the place and situation. The accessories you choose should complement your attire perfectly.
Look Good, Smell Good
Cleanliness is the key to act like a good lady. It helps exude your vivacity. Shower regularly and groom or stylize your hair before going out. Wear a sweet smelling perfume or deodorant. Do not apply strong perfumes that may have a repulsive odor. Applying make up is not mandatory. If at all you wear make up, make sure that you apply a modest amount, just to highlight your facial features.
Choose Your Words
Be very careful about what you speak. Make the right selection of words. Do not use abusive words, even if you feel that the other person is at fault or you are highly frustrated. If you feel that the he/she is not listening to what you say or acting the way you want, it is better to maintain a moderate tone or not to speak at all, rather than speaking forcefully or using harsh words.
Mind Your Body Language
You should not only take care of the words you speak, but also the way you behave and present yourself at any situation. This is especially applicable when you socialize. For instance, you should follow the table manners and etiquette while dining at a party. Do not overindulge yourself in food or alcohol when you are at a party or business meeting. Gluttony for food or drunkenness at social gatherings shows lack of self-control.  
Be Knowledgeable
Always stay updated with what is happening in the world around you. Inculcate the habit of reading newspapers daily. Expand your knowledge and interests. This will, in turn, open doors to stimulate conversations with new people and help increase your social contacts.
Always Keep Cool
Try not to loose your temper often. Keep your cool and stay composed. Express your disappointment at someone’s behavior in a very gentle manner. Do not frown in front of others or else people may end up thinking that you are a very short tempered person.

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