Every woman will have seen their yet to be born baby’s face in anything and everything they do. What if that child is not born? Help her overcome this phase of her life.

How To Comfort Someone After A Miscarriage

Someone has truly said that babies are bit of stardust blown from the hands of God. However, what if that stardust fails to reach the hands of its mother? Every woman wants to become a mother at least once in her lifetime. For her it is the motherhood that accomplishes the life of a woman. She counts each passing day to have a look at the gift that is budding in her womb. However, not many a women are lucky to see the faces of their unborn child. Miscarriage is the last thing that one expects when one is pregnant. A miscarriage is always a cause of concern in women. There are many things that can lead to miscarriages like emotional stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. However, whatever the cause may be, it is quite devastating for both the parents. At times, women get psychologically affected by the unexpected loss of pregnancy. Therefore, it is equally important to take care of the woman’s physical as well as mental health after a miscarriage. Given below are some ways that you can help a woman to bring out from the trauma of a miscarriage. 

Ways To Comfort A Woman After A Miscarriage
If you are planning to give her a helping hand, it should be to get herself out of that state of grief and help her to regain her self esteem to start off her life all over again. Here are some points that you can take care of: 

  • The best way to console a grieving mother is by not crowding her. An email or cards of that sort will be more welcomed than your physical presence there, especially if she already has many people to take care of her. It generally would take some time for the mother to face others. So your virtual presence will be more appreciated and will give her a feeling that she is been considered and taken care of.
  • It is a point of time when she prefers to be alone and the best thing that you can do for her is to let her be alone. She will need some time for her to understand the loss. Though some women seek immediate solace from her near and dear ones, some may take some time to mourn their unborn child. It depends upon the women completely, if you know the person, act accordingly rather than being a disturbance.
  • Avoid asking the cliché questions when you are meeting after the tragedy. Refrain from consoling words like “Everything happens for a reason” and “You can try again for a baby”. Sometimes gestures say more than words and instead of trying to soothe her with words, you can give her a hug or hold her hands. She would prefer it much more than those words that will remind her of her loss.
  • You can always offer her physical help, like making her food, coming to clean her house, or looking after her little ones, if she has any more children. This will be more than a help for her and she will be always thankful for those gestures of yours.
  • Help her mourn the loss. Let her cry on your shoulders or if she wants to be heard, be a good listener. At that point of time, she will be totally absent minded and will have nothing in her mind other than her loss. So, if you spend some time with her, she might be relieved to lessen her burden by talking to you.
  • It takes a little more time to get healed so you will have to commit yourself to her for a long time and what else is a friend for.
  • As for the mother, the loss of her unborn child is very much a personal loss and it will stay on with her for long. However, being someone close to her you can help her out of this trauma though not all of a sudden but in a period of time. Try to help her get back to the normal life.

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