Overhearing someone else’s cell phone conversation is highly rude and bad-manners. Know the rules of mobile phone etiquette to avoid such misbehavior.

Cell Phone Rules

It’s been more than a decade since the high-tech communication medium called cell phone made its entry in to the world of gizmos. Though people have increasingly adopted and accepted this technology into their professional and personal lives, most of them are still ignorant of the rules for using the same. Sadly, most of us still deem to be ranked as toddlers when it comes to handling this gadget. We tend to interrupt anyone and anything with our loud conversation, our little fingers constantly pushing the keypads of the phone distracting everyone around us with various loud tones. This ridiculous need to get in touch with people all the while is rapidly moving out of our hands. Hence, to stay connected with our loved ones without distracting others, it’s best to follow some rules of mobile phone etiquette.
Mobile Phone Etiquette
Switch Off Your Cell
Turn off the mobile phones in public places where the audience is more likely to get attracted to your conversation. Places, like hospitals, clinics, movie theaters, classrooms, doctor’s offices, playhouses, and observatories, are visited by people to concentrate on other things rather than tolerating your phone ringer and the loud talk.
Put It On Silent Mode
A loud, crackling ringtone outburst in public settings, such as restaurants, waiting rooms, theaters, public restrooms, hallways, buses, and subways, is bad-manners and highly offensive. Put your cell phone on vibration or silent mode. Take the call without letting others get a taste of your fancy ringtone. Best, avoid taking calls when in public place. However, if it’s really important that you just cannot ignore the call, move to a secluded place to receive the call. Keep your volume low and conversation very brief. Be respectful to the audience around you, as they aren’t interested in learning about your girlfriend’s hideous new haircut.
Lower Your Tone
You need not yell into your mobile phone as they are built with sensitive microphones that can capture a very soft voice or even a whisper. Thus, while you are in a place where there are people surrounding you, keep your voice low and humble, your tone unemotional, and conversation very hush-hush. For you wouldn’t feel good about people hearing your arguments and nasty expressions. A sign of bad cell phone etiquette, so take care!
Drive Attentively
The rise in the number of accidents is due to the increasing cell phone usage during driving. But most drivers take calls and start blabbering on the phone while they drive. As such, they even miss out using directionals and go off-lanes. Remember, the calls are not more important than your life and can wait till you reach your destination. And if the call is that important, roll over to the side track and park before taking the call.
Be Present With Your Folks
It’s highly offensive and impolite to take a phone call or chat with someone while you are with your family, in a social engagement. After all, you are socializing with the person who is with you in reality and not with one who is miles away from you. The call can wait to be answered at a later stage. Either way, you can message the caller stating that you would catch up with him sometime later, or at an appropriate time.
Keep Off The Annoying Ring Tones
Stay away from activating stupid and disturbing ring tones. Imagine you are traveling to work in a silent bus and from nowhere, the silence is shattered with some screaming wherein a serial killer is trying to kill a boy with a fountain pen. Surely, few of them will suffer a cardiac arrest, while most of them will certainly jump off their seats. To your surprise, the culprit would be no one but a cell phone ring tone. You wouldn’t want other people to react the same way to your ring tones, right? Hence, avoid using idiotic and dim-witted tones.
These were some cell phone rules for people who do not know how to use their common sense and stay polite in a human society, while handling a mobile phone in public place. Let’s hope these mobile phone etiquette transform their mannerism completely.

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