To manage people, in order to bring positive changes in them, you should know how to manipulate them. The ways mentioned in this article will help you learn about manipulating people.

How To Manipulate People

The term manipulation refers to the act of influencing others in order to acquire control over them or manage them. Though, people take the term in the negative aspect only, there is positivism associated with manipulation as well. The latter scenario holds true in case where it is used to bring about positive changes in people or in relationships. It is justifiable when the manipulation is done for a good cause. Being manipulative does not always suggest that person is corrupt. You may help someone to get a better lifestyle or get over a rough phase of his or her life. However, tricking someone and using the person for a personal gain is not appreciated. No one likes to be deceived, especially for an evil purpose. Manipulation when done in a lighter spirit for the sole purpose of helping others, with no ulterior motives, shouldn’t cause any harm.  It is not about what you want, but forming a positive experience for the manipulator and the person being manipulated.  Given below are ways of manipulating people for their own good and of course, for the betterment of the relationships they share with you. Read on and learn how to manipulate people.
How To Manipulate People
Manipulating People
Be A Healthy Critic
Criticism is an element of life. However, it can deteriorate your relationship with others if it is done in an unhealthy, rather an insulting manner. If you want to manipulate people in order to bring about a positive change in them, it is better to be a healthy critic. This is especially applicable when you want to build a long-term relationship with them.
Paying timely compliments is the best way to motivate people to lead their life positively. Accolade them for all their achievements—small or big. The key here is to give compliments that seem and, in fact, are honest and sincere. When you bestow false praise, it is very easy to spot the insincerity in your words. This will lead to failure in your attempt to manipulate people.
Inspire Them
Inspiration is one of the essentials of the manipulating technique. Do not overwhelm people by giving long lectures about the do's and don'ts. Do not threaten or force them to do what you want. Rather, motivate them in small ways, to achieve big dreams. This could be in the form of an inspirational message, a thought or any other gesture, that directs them towards doing things the right way. Make your goals theirs as well.
Show Interest
If you want to manipulate people to do things the right way, and the way you wish to be done, show real interest in them. Lend an ear to both their grievances and their desires. Make them feel that you care. If you manage to do this, they will be always ready to help you with your task.
Enhance Their Mood
Talk about something which the person is sure to enjoy. The simplest and the basic of all tricks which is effective on most people, is, to make them laugh.  But, if you are not naturally funny and are not sure how to go about it, let the person talk. Basically, you are turning the table towards the other party for a while. Pretend as if you are interested in the person’s conversation or rather do listen to him or her, no matter how dreary it is and respond. This way the person would start liking you, as you show interest in him or her.
Breaking The Will
Now that, you know that the person has started liking you, it is now your turn to start influencing him or her.  You have to start by making the person feel insecure about himself or herself. But, before trying this, you have to find out the person’s weaknesses, as in what concerns or makes him/her uneasy. Once you have known that, build a conversation and give your opinion on it. Try to establish your point of view so that, the person is convinced with the validity of your points. He/she may also start thinking upon it and act according to your wish. Your presence renders a feeling of security and comfort and therefore, the person is convinced that your will power is stronger. From then he/she will like to discuss or take your opinion in many matters.
Manipulating someone can be fun and enjoyable, but there are some precautions to keep in mind while you do so. For instance, if the person gets hurt in the process, you may lose his/her trust forever. In the same manner, the person being manipulated will obviously not know about it, but be wary of other people, who, if get to know about your moves can try to influence other persons. Moreover, knowing that the person can be manipulated, people may try to take undue advantage of him or her. If you keep these minute details in mind, manipulating someone can be easier than you thought!

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