Giving cute love nicknames is a way to express your affection for the special person in your life. Go through this article and get a list of romantic nicknames for your love.

Love Nicknames

Love makes the world look extremely beautiful. When you are in love, life seems all the more worthwhile. The intimacy and understanding that you share with your lover cannot be there in any other relation. It brings in you a sense of responsibility, to care for your partner and makes your life colorful and meaningful, something that you might not have experienced before. Probably, this is the reason why we often see people calling their better half by love nicknames.
Calling each other by cute nicknames, rather than the real name, brings a couple closer. It reflects the intimacy one has with his/her partner. The best part of using love nicknames is that it adds sweetness to your relationship. Many love nicknames are inspired by sweet dishes, literally! Although they might not make any sense, they are worth using, because they are too sweet to resist. So, have you found a suitable love nickname for your lover? No? Don't worry! Given below is a list of romantic nicknames for your love. Go through it and pick the one that you think suits him/her the most.
Love Nicknames
A: Angel Heart, Angelito, Angelpie, Angel eyes
B: Babe, Baboo, Babushka, Baby, Baby Doll, Baby Face, Baby Gurl, Boo, Bunny, Butterscotch, Baby Cake, Baby Buns, Beau, Bella, B onita, Buttercup, Beloved
C: Cuddlecakes, Cuddly Angel, Cutie, Cutie pie, Cupcake, Cuddle bear, Cuddle muffin, Cuteness, Cherub, Chuck
D: Darling, Dear, Dearest, Doobie, Duckie, Dream Boat, Diddums, Doll, Doll face, Dum Dum
E: Etty, Emy
F: Fairy, Fluffykins,
G: Gorgeousness, Girly, Gum Drop, Geisha, Guy
H: Honey, Honey Bunny, Honey Cakes, Honeybunch, Honeypot
I: Itty bittyness, Indian Princess, Indian Warrior
J: Jelly bean, Joo Joo Bee
K: King, Kitten, Kitty cat
L: Love, Lovely, Loverboy / Lovergirl, Lubs
M: Munchkin, My Love
N: Naughty, Nimmu, Nicky, Nugget, Nicky Poo, Num Num
O: Osho, Oshi, Oodles, Oreo
P: Poohbear, Pookie, Precious, Pumpkin, Pooh Pooh
Q: Queen
R: Rambo, Romeo, Rabbit
S: Sexy, Snuggle Bunny, Sugar, Sugarpie, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Sweetpea, Snookie, Snookums, Sugar babe, Sugar Lips
T: Turtle Dove, Tutu, Tweet Tweet, Tweety, Tiny, Twinkle
U: Uru, Ummy
V: Vibu, Viking
W: Waffle, Wifey, Weezly,
Y: Yummy, Yobe
Z: Zubi, Zoo Zoo, Zach

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