Stress at work is inevitable in present-day lives. In fact, anything that demands concentration is always stressful. Learn ways of reducing work related stress with the tips given below.

Stress At Work

Stress is unavoidable in the modern day world. It follows you like an eerie shadow, whether you are an educationist in a premier institution or a white-collared professional working in a swank office. Constant endeavors to excel professionally and cope up with the dynamism of work environment can make one highly fatigued or exhausted. The nature of present day work, with demands for time management, high performance, speed and efficiency, leads to work stress in many individuals. The word ‘Stress’ to a certain extent can be seen as having a positive connotation, as it leads to self-motivation and excellence. But, too much of stress for long hours, may have debilitating effects on one’s health.
Reducing Work Related Stress
However hard you try, you cannot completely cross out stress from your life. Infact, it will accompany you to the office most days. So, it would be a smart option to cope up with stress at work by learning these simple tips on work-related stress.
  • Take a quick break whenever you feel stressed. Getting away from the workstation (even for two minutes) will help you to revive a bit.
  • Take a few deep breaths through your nose. Allow the rib cage and belly to expand while you inhale and then, exhale slowly.
  • You can also try closing your eyes for a few seconds. Don’t let your mind wander to your work. Just loosen up your body and mind.
  • Learn effective time management techniques. Always prepare a ‘To-Do’ list for yourself and effectively chart out your regular office work.
  • Don’t take recourse to excessive alcohol or smoking to kill stress. They will multiply your worries later.
  •  Always be assertive and have a voice of your own at office. Learn to say ‘No’, to avoid abuse at work (especially ‘sexual abuse’).
  • Never be too unyielding. Don’t get angry when someone points out your faults or disagrees with you. Be an active listener, not a fighter.
  • Stop worrying about things that you can never change at your workplace. Don’t ponder about such things and eat your own brain.
  • Get proper sleep everyday. This will reduce your overall stress and keep you energized and mentally agile at office.
  • Avoid people who are good with gossips and small talks at office. They will leave you with a pregnant mind for no reason.
  • Befriend optimistic people at work. Find a good friend with whom you can share your emotions and worries.
  • Be good to everyone and smile a lot. Smile is a good stress alleviator and will help you to lighten up, when in stress.

Try these effective stress management tips whenever you feel strained at your workplace. In case of chronic stress or burnout, it is always better to consult a health professional.

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