“I want to start smoking since it is pretty cool.” Check out reasons why people start smoking cigarettes, and the reasons why they should not.

I Want To Start Smoking

The thought of holding a lighted cigarette and taking puffs for the very first time, brings to life the cool picture of your favorite celebrity enjoying smoking. All through the history of tobacco companies, it has been found that they have marketed their products with clever ad-campaigns, employing film stars or other celebrities, commonly aped by the youth. This so-called ‘cool’ look, for most of the times, leads to the decision of smoking. However, apart from such painstaking marketing strategy, there are several possible reasons that determine the choice of smoking. To know more, read on.
Reasons - Why Do People Start Smoking Cigarettes 
  • Peer Pressure - Generally, it’s the age of adolescence when people start smoking and the reason could be tobecome part of friends’ circle or different as per the situation.
  • Availability - Cigarettes are easily available everywhereand anybody can purchase them. It’s another reason to get started with the habit. Moreover, it is very cheap.
  • Aping - Film stars and other celebrities, supposedly, look cool while smoking cigarettes. Looking cool is enough reason for the youngsters to start smoking like their favorite star.
  • Feel Good Syndrome - The “cool factor” of cigarettes is often utilized as a great way to impress others. And especially, when you balance a cigarette delicately between your two fingers and blow up a puff of smoke amidst your friends.
  • Stress Busters - Often wrongly recognized as stress buster, Cigarette is one amongst the best ways to drive away sleep. Each time you find others resorting to the habit, you are tempted to take a puff.
  • Attitude - Thisreason is hardly identified, but it is true that there isa rebellious strain in all of us which makes us to protest against the existing set of laws during our teenage. Smoking is the best way to express defiance.
  • Advertising - It’s the most influencing way to resolute the decision of smoking. Celebrities engaged in smoking in advertisements, make the people to look for pleasure by trying themselves. 
Reasons Not to Start Smoking 
  • Bad Breath
  • Breathing problems
  • Complete wastage of Money
  • Cough / Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Handling Arguments (could be with parents or friends, who want you to stop smoking)
  • Risk of Cancer and Lung cancer is common in smokers
  • Risk of passive smoking for people around you
  • Risks of diseases related to the Heart, including Heart Attack
  • Risks of Gum disease
  • Stained Teeth and Fingers
  • Wrinkles (appear earlier than people who don’t smoke)

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