Looking gorgeous is not an uphill task. Explore this article to know about how to revamp your look to drop-dead gorgeous.

How To Look Gorgeous

Every girl wants to be noticed. If you are tired of looking plain and simple, be ready to turn heads and have more than expected eyeballs running in your direction. A multi-layered make up is not what will make you look gorgeous unless you look beautiful and healthy, a basic fact that many of us tend to ignore. The truth is that a healthy body and proper diet are the primary factor for the attainment of a gorgeous look as it brings radiance and glow on your face, making it look natural at the same time. Besides this, you have to know the right styling and make up to enhance what you are blessed with. Scroll down to find some more tips that can make you look beautiful and gorgeous.
Looking Beautiful
Healthy Skin and Body - Drink a lot of water. Now this is what you hear from every second person, but this is the most effective way to get beautiful skin and great body, as water will rid the body of impurities. To look gorgeous, one needs to look healthy. Don’t starve yourself or become anorexic in order to look thinner, it can result in severe consequences. Just eat proper diet and exercise regularly to keep your body in a good shape. It does not imply that you have to indulge yourself in heavy exercises or count each calorie you consume, but some precautionary steps will do.
Correct Make-Up - Sometimes you will hear that you do not need the blusher or eye shadow. If you hear it very often, you have to apply some tricky make up that enhances your features and cover-up the flaws, if any. Make up is a must and a foremost factor for the attainment of a gorgeous look. Apply foundation, concealer, bronzer and blusher for a smooth looking and radiant skin. Next is choosing right shade for eye shadow. If you can choose nothing, go for a shiny pink. It goes well with every dress and suits all skin complexions. Highlight your eyes and lips. A proper coat of mascara and black eyeliner will define your eyes. Wear a glossy lipstick to that glamorous and gorgeous look.
Hairstyle - Whatever hairstyle you wear, make sure that it looks good on you. Keep up with the latest trend and get a hairstyle from a good hairstylist. It can cost you some more, but the extra money is all worth it. Brush regularly and clean you hair clean and conditioned. Get a flat iron, a curly iron and straightener and make sure you apply mousse and hairspray after styling your hair. Use right products that are of better quality and work on your hair until you get it right.
Dressing Style and Right Attitude - Be super stylish keeping with the latest fashion trends. Wear anything that looks cute on you and make you look trendy. Jeans and T-shirts are something that can never go out of fashion. Shop a lot and watch out for the hottest fashion trends, but make sure not to wear clothes that are too revealing and leave nothing to imagine. The way you carry yourself is what you need to add magic to your looks and personality. Always wear a smile and be natural, it is something people will remember more than how you look.

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