Getting stalked and dealing with a stalker is one of the worst experiences one can have in life. Learn through this article, tips on how to deal with a stalker.

How To Deal With A Stalker

Stalker! A creepy word for a creepier man or woman! You have seen them in movies, watched them in news, heard about them on the radio, and read about them in the newspapers. You always thought them to be a loner, a psycho, and a complete nutcase. However, a stalker may be someone from a neighborhood, a fifty year old guy with a wife and children or even a drop dead gorgeous man. In addition, the victims of a stalker need not be celebrities; they can be common people like you and me. A simple carelessness may be enough to evoke the interest of a stalker. He or she may be your ex or a guy who saw your picture on a social networking site. Stalking is dangerous and you may end up being a stalker’s victim anytime. So, whether or not you are being pursued by a stalker at present, you need to read the tips given below, to know how to deal with them, in case of any future problem.
Dealing With A Stalker
Be Careful
There is no limit to the carefulness that you can show, while dealing with a stalker. You need to be vigilant all the time; more so when you live alone. Avoid giving your phone numbers to strangers and don’t post your address on any site. Being careful doesn’t mean that you should stop living your life, but taking precautions is always advisable.
Change Route
If you are seeing a familiar face everyday, wherever you go, it’s time to get alert. Be careful to see whether it’s just coincidence or a deliberate pursuit. You can try changing the normal route that you follow everyday. This will help you know whether the regular encounters are chance or on purpose. If a stalker is following your vehicle, take random turns and try to dodge him/her. Avoid going on lonely stretches and always stay in crowds.
Buy A Dog
Adog may be your best friend at this time. Buy a pooch and see your stalker turning tails. You can also consider changing your phone numbers, especially if unnecessary blank calls or wrong numbers are coming your way. Have a security system installed in your home.
Don’t Communicate
You may want to hold the collar of the stalker and beat him black and blue or you might want to threaten him/ her as well. Don’t do it. It may increase the problem. Remember he/she is a psycho and a common threat may not be able to budge him/her; rather it may make him/her more fearless.
Take Professional Help
It is not your fault that someone is stalking you. Don’t hesitate to go to police, once you are sure that you are being stalked. Don’t keep this to yourself. You can also ask your friends and family members to come and visit you for the time being. If the stalker gets the notion that you are not alone, he/may get scared and run away.
Join Self-Defense Classes
When you know that you are able to protect yourself, you don’t live in constant fear. It is good to take self-defense classes, not only to be able to deal with a stalker, but also for a general sense of safety. You can also consider carry a pepper spray or a sharp knife with you, for safety purposes.
Ask For Emotional Help
Getting pursued by a stalker is emotionally shattering. Don’t hesitate to consult a psychiatrist. Being beleaguered by a stalker is scary and the victim may live in constant fear all his/her life, after being harassed. In any case, keeping the fear bottled inside you will only harm you. So, take professional help.

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