You’ve just met a handsome guy and don’t know what to say. Read more on workable conversation starters with guys.

Conversation Starters With A Guy

You see a delectable-looking guy – a real eye candy – and you feel you just have to talk to him. You take a step towards him and you find that you experience the same old disgusting symptoms – dry mouth, tongue sticking to the palate, or else tying itself up into knots. Your stomach seems to be squeezing your lungs and your legs start to wobble a bit. You are sure that you are going to make a fool of yourself when you finally do get a chance to speak to him. Besides, the only line that comes to your mind is a vague “Uh….” You even forget your name as you face a panic attack at the very thought of picking up a conversation with him. Well, while it can be immensely frustrating when you say the wrong thing and lose a chance of a lifetime, there is a way out. There are some really simple but effective conversation starters that you could use, without seeming to have left your cerebrum in your purse.
Conversation Starters With A Guy You Like
Starting Up A Conversation At A Bar
A rather cute way to pick up a conversation with a guy at a bar is by asking him for change for the jukebox. If the guy is waiting for his turn in a pool game, you could tell him that your friend and you have bet that he would win, and he had better not let you down!  
Starting Up A Conversation At A Gym
If you see a really cute guy at a gym, you could compliment him on his cool shoes (ensure that he is really wearing cool shoes). Ask him where he purchased them. If you see a really good-looking hunk, you could ask him his opinion on the next best move to get great six pack abs. 
Starting Up A Conversation By Complimenting A Guy
If you see a really good-looking guy with a cool haircut, you could compliment him on his haircut. Everyone likes to be admired, and this usually works. However, it wouldn’t help if you drool too much and make him uncomfortable. 
Starting Up A Conversation At A Bookstore
You will find adorably cute, serious-looking guys at bookstores. Therefore, the best way to pick up a conversation here would not necessarily be to compliment him or to drool over him. You could walk by the bookshelf, browsing through the books, and ask him if he had seen a particular book for which you are hunting. Ensure that the book is one that does not exist. Then you could ask him to tell you of any good mystery books that he knows of that could be interesting. Ask him any casual questions about the book. Do not sound like you are interrogating him. 
Starting Up A Conversation At A Party
At a party, a really good way to pick up a conversation with a cute guy is to ask him to help you open a bottle of wine. It is easy to start a conversation after this (especially if the wine is good!). 
Starting Up A Conversation By Asking The Time
This is probably the most boring way of starting up a conversation, but it does work. Just ensure that the guy is wearing a watch, so that you don’t end up looking stupid. 
Starting Up A Conversation At A Coffee Shop
At a coffee shop, you might find a really cute guy with a laptop. A simple way to pick up a conversation would be to ask him about the configuration of the laptop. 
Come Up With Your Own Ideas
The best thing that would work is if you could come up with ideas of your own. You never know – a guy might have read this article and so is aware of ways in which you might start a conversation with him.

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