Are you feeling like world is going to end because you can’t get over a crush. Explore this article to get some tips to get over a crush.

How To Get Over A Crush

You both like Cricket, Brian de Palma movies, listen to John Williams and A R Rahman and eat strawberry ice creams with chocolate chips. You asked “how could anyone else have so much in common" to people you met and now bam, you are madly in love with him/her or better say infatuated by him/her but he/she doesn’t reciprocate. You feel like the end of the world. You are feeling like Robert Neville in "I AM LEGEND". You don't have to take it so seriously. You are not the last man/woman on earth. This is the most common and routine thing that happens in the world. You don’t have to be a legendary character of a Shakespeare tragedy. Just chill and take a few steps to invent a new world for yourself. Okay, it may take a few days to get over but you will be a happy man/woman after that. The points written below are nothing but a vivid guide, which leads you safely to the next step.
Tips For Getting Over A Crush 
  • Don’t go through old text messages she/he sent you. It will multiply your sadness. Those messages will tempt you to go through the old ‘Love ke liye kuch karega’ days. Understand that it’s written in a different state of mind which is changed from top to bottom and will never come to the old fortress. So you better delete those messages and feel free. You may feel like crying. Don’t be so shy to cry out loud but never do it in public.
  • Blow off the idealization frame you designed for your crush. Just understand that it was just the design you had in mind for an ideal partner. She/he was never ever been fitted to that frame. Nobody can perfectly match one’s ideal concept of a partner. It’s just when one get a friend who almost look like one’s ideal partner concept, he/she distort the other facts about her/him to make her/him fit into his/her frame.
  • Go to thriller or horror movies. It will be an absolute distraction from the sad mood, which you possess now. Choose some Ridely Scott, Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino movies if they are in the cinemas because it’s guaranteed that you won’t see any love scenes in them. Don’t go for romantic movies because there is high possibility for them to catalyze the bad mood you have.
  • Your boyfriend or girl friend is not ‘I AM LEGEND’ Robert Neville which means that she or he is not the last person remaining on earth. Earth is so wide and your life is so big. You will get many more people of your taste or of your concept or dream. Don’t think life is done and nothing more is there. See life as a roller coaster ride. Play Ronan Keating‘s “Life is a roller coaster” and be happy [imagine the lines of the songs are for your next crush]
  • Laughter is a medicine for crush pains. Join some laughter club near your home and laugh like a mad man. Like Buddha said “He who think he is able, is able.” When you laugh, that laugh will get you more laugh more joy in your life. Remember the blunders you have done during your love life. That will instantly make you laugh and share it with friends who care for you.
  • Go search and find your old life like a national geographic research man. You may have dumped it in some corner of your mind. It will be a mind journey to find your old self. Go back there with the new insights you got and be a wise man. You will wonder when you realize that your dust gathering old self can make fantastic visuals for you just like an old and good ARRIFLEX 16S camera.
  • Go to gym and put on some weight. Eat protein rich foods and concentrate on building the muscles. Gradually, you will lose the sad mood and memories. Your mind will be healed perfectly. You will be happy to remember that the failure of your crush delivered you a chiseled physique.

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