Crushes are an integral part of your life, without which life becomes quite boring. Here, we have listed various ways to help you figure out how to know you have a crush on someone.

Ways To Know You Have A Crush

Crushes are a part of life, a part of growing up. In adolescence, almost every teenager falls for someone and develops a crush. Having a crush is just another way of expressing that you like somebody and consider the person a little more than ‘just a friend’. Though it is mainly a phenomenon of adolescence, people can have a crush at any point of time in their life. For instance, people have crushes on celebrities, sports personalities as well as the guy or girl 'next door'. Now the question arises as to how to know that you have a crush on someone. Of late, people have become interested in knowing the various signs that will tell them that they are having a special feeling for someone. If you are one of them, have a glance at information given below and explore the ways to know you have a crush on someone.
How To Know You Have A Crush On Someone
  • You go out of your way to glance at the person. You’ll make excuses to be near to him/her - walk past him/her locker, talk to him/her at the slightest of contexts and go to places you know him/her frequently visits. You tend to travel long distances for simple things, which you can manage even nearby, just to come across that person.
  • You now worry more about your appearance than ever. Previously, you might have been the one who was always casually dressed, giving a damn at what others think about your dressing sense. Now, you actually make it a point to sport your favorite dresses and spend more time in front of the mirror, to find out even minor faults in your appearance. When you have a crush on someone, you want to put your best foot forward, to impress that special person.
  • You find no fault in that person, this when you are known to be someone who tends to find faults in everyone. When you have a crush on someone, you tend to overlook all the negativities in that person. If you are asked to make a list of the positive and negative traits of the person, you will surely find it difficult to find any negative points.
  • You think about the girl/guy all the time. In some circumstances, your world revolves around him/her, almost literally. You constantly think about him/her, his/her face, his/her smile, and even the minutest of things that everyone else tends to overlook. For majority of your time, you find his/her thoughts on your mind.
  • You start talking about him/her so much so that your friends get sick of that. You just can’t stop sharing with your friends the little things you like about your crush or discuss the next move that you should take to woo him/her. You constantly keep nagging your friends to know how it will look to be a couple with that person.
  • You take lots of love quizzes online. Since you are unaware of what your crush feels, you keep on taking quizzes to see some positive results, even if only virtual. The positive results boost your spirits and the not so good ones make you depressed.
  • You have a weird feeling when the person is around you, something like butterflies in the stomach. You become very conscious about yourself when he/she is in front of you. You become concerned about your appearance and the way you talk. At times, when he/she talks directly to you, you can see yourself blushing or feeling embarrassed.
  • You face trouble concentrating, as the person is always on your mind. You are so preoccupied with his/her thoughts that you are not able to focus on anything else. Even when you study or talk to someone else, you find it hard to focus, as you keep thinking about your crush.
  • You want to know everything about the person. You befriend his/her friends or constantly ask your friends about the person. You become inquisitive about his/her likes and dislikes. You start imagining how the person will react under a particular circumstance.
  • You tend to tease a person if you have a crush on him/her. It is a way in which you can talk to the person and be close to him/her. By making him/her jealous, you also try to know about the feelings of your crush. The more you tease or play with a particular person, the more you can be sure that you have a crush on that person.

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