With the right tips in hand, becoming a successful speaker, who knows how to command attention, is very much possible. Explore the article to know how to be a good speaker.

How To Be A Good Speaker

It is certainly a great honor to be heard by people and only a good speaker can manage to bring that honor upon him/her. The magnetic qualities that a successful speaker possesses draw the masses towards him/her. The present U.S president Barack Obama, who has continued to win laurels for his tremendous potential as a speaker, is a shining example of phenomenal oration skills. However, not everyone is endowed with these attributes and this is where the tips given below will come handy. The article gives some excellent tips on how to become a good speaker and enthrall your audience.
 Become A Good Speaker
Sound Sincere With What You Say
Sincerity in your words tops the order among the attributes of a good speaker. People will pay heed to what you are saying, if they feel you are for real. Excellent speakers are those who are not just good orators, but also come across as genuine. The key to appear sincere is to speak in a conversationalist tone, as if you are talking to your audience. Speak in a way you talk to people in your day- to-day life, to strike a chord with your audience.
Cultivate Knowledge On The Subject
For a good speaker, content is extremely important to stand out as someone who is intently heard by his/her audience. If you already know the subject you have to speak on, try to cultivate an insight into the subject and expand your knowledge base. People appreciate knowledgeable speakers and delivering substantial and interesting information will hold you in high esteem with your listeners. A good speaker, just like a good professor, will always go prepared for the speech.
Learn To Modulate Your Voice
Every word that one says carries a different emotion and these emotions need to be transmitted to the audience in an expressive way. One of the greatest qualities a good speaker should posses is the ability to modulate his/her voice to for effect. Hitting the nail right on the head is all about being able to convey your thoughts and make the audience feel what you are saying. Voice modulation may call for some practice, but it can be easily mastered over time.
Maintain Eye Contact With The Audience
The golden rule to be a successful speaker is to maintain eye contact with the audience all through your speech. A lot of people have a tendency to look anywhere, but in the eyes of the person or the group they are addressing. This habit can be very off-putting for the audience and the speaker will fail to garner enough attention for himself/herself. Exploit your confidence to the limit and maintain constant eye contact with the audience, as you speak.
Add Humor To Your Content
No matter how great an orator you are, a drab content will soon wither away the interest of the audience. You need to make the session interesting by adding a dash of humor in your content, to keep the audience amused. Holding the interest of the audience for long is a great art that can be perfected over time. An excellent content laced with humor and an equally witty disposition to carry it off will work as icing on the cake, for a good speaker.

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