Resigning gracefully is all about discussing the news with your boss in a polite and humble manner. Learn how to resign in person, with the tips given in this article.

How To Resign In Person

So, you have been offered a better job at a competitive salary and want to depart from your current office gracefully. Communicating your resignation can be as simple as mailing a letter to your HR executive or immediate boss. However, resigning in person is a bit difficult, as you have to 'face' the person concerned and state the apparent reasons for your resignation, verbally. If you are in such a situation, where you have to meet your senior and submit the resignation, this article is just for you. Learn how to resign in person with the tips given in the following lines.
Resigning Gracefully From Job
  • You should learn how to keep professional matters within you. Don't go about blabbing about your resignation to every one in your office. It will be better to discuss the matter with your immediate supervisor first, before revealing it to others in your office.
  • Do not intimidate your boss by resigning without notice. Send notice to your boss at least fifteen days prior to your resignation, so that he/she gets enough time to cover your position.
  • You may arrange for a meeting with your boss, to discuss the matter of your resignation. Make sure that the time is suitable for your boss, to focus on your news.
  • After braking the news to your boss, be prepared to absorb his/her immediate reaction to it.
  • The very first question asked by your boss, when he/she hears the news, is a simple 'why'. Be sure to state the apparent reasons why are you quitting. Answer in a courteous manner. Do not beat around the bush. Instead, be very direct, while replying your boss.
  • Be very honest with your reasons. This doesn't mean that you have to pin-point the negative aspects of the office. You can say anything like "things are not clicking" or "I just want to move on". Be sure you put across your thoughts in a polite manner.
  • Even though you are resigning in person, it is good to have a copy of your resignation letter, in hand. Type a formal resignation letter, which states all the reasons why you are quitting. Do not forget to sign the letter by writing 'best regards' or 'yours sincerely'.
  • While leaving your boss's cabin after the discussion, do not forget to extend your gratitude. A simple hand shake, with a smile on your face, is enough to thank your boss.

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