Asking a girl to homecoming is not that difficult task as it is supposed to be. Know how to ask a girl to homecoming or prom.

How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming

How difficult is it for a teenager to ask his crush whether or not she will come with him to the homecoming? Very difficult! We understand your plight. It is nerve-wrecking, especially in the teen years when you are already not very sure of yourself, to ask your object of affection to come along with you to the prom night. It is also tricky in the way that everyone is asking everyone out, so you feel scared that you will be left behind, will be the laughing stock for the whole school. Homecoming is an important milestone in the dating life of a teenager––it’s the first occasion to ask a girl out formally for the first time. The trick to get through it smoothly is by having courage. You need that ‘extra something’ to sweep that special lady off her feet, and that ‘extra something’ comes from the innate confidence. But you have nothing to worry about. We are here to give you some easy and useful tips to get that girl of your dreams to come along with you to the homecoming. These suggestions are rejection-proof, follow them down to the tee and she will be all yours. Read on.
Asking a Girl to Homecoming
Let Her Know You Exist
For asking a girl out to homecoming, make sure you know her and share some common interests. You can have a mere acquaintance, like you both are into the same music class and extracurricular activities or have sat by each other in a couple of classes. The point is that she should at least know who you are and not be completely oblivious of your existence. Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong in asking a girl who does not really know you, but it might startle her a bit when you ask her. Reason being, she will try to recollect where she met you and how you know her and might take a step back due to this confusion. If you have set your eyes on a girl who you think does not really know you, then spend sometime around her to familiarize her with you.
Test The Waters
The next thing to do is to check out whether the girl already has a date. You can either ask her straight or find it out through her friends. In case you decide to ask her yourself, make sure you act smart and bring the subject casually during a talk, being extremely polite. You can ask it in a light flirty way, may be by saying––‘you are so beautiful, I’m sure someone has already asked you out, leaving no chance for us brothers!’ Such sort of cool way of asking would not come across as desperate and will definitely impress the girl. If she tells you that she is in fact already taken then do not feel down and look for someone else.
If you resort to the other option of asking one of her friends, make sure you do it with tact, as the friend is likely to report it to the girl. Ask her friend tactfully. May be you can tell the friend that you think ‘she’ is cute and you are wondering who is taking her to the prom. The probability is that they will try to tease you about this, keep acting cool and take it in a good stride. Be careful not to come across as a frantic person. If you will show any signs of distraught over losing that girl then it can prove to be detrimental to your image in school as everybody will know about it sooner or later.  
Away From The Crowd
Keep in mind to ask the question while you are alone with her. However, the place should not be suspicious. Moreover, do not ask her out when she is with her friends. You have to find out the time when she is not surrounded by people and ask her out. We suggest isolation only if you are paranoid about getting rejected. You certainly do not want to be turned down in front of everyone.
Pop The Awaited Question
When you finally do approach her, do it with confidence and calm. Act yourself and be slow. Do not make it look like you have been rehearsing what to say to her for days. Young girls like charismatic boys who know how to get what they want. Be assertive yet chivalrous. Do not just come to the subject directly, initiate a small talk before you ask her. Preferably, make the environment light and tension free by making her laugh on something. Although, because everyone is asking everyone out for the prom, the chances are that she already knows what you are going to ask her. But it is still a better way to make her feel comfortable first. Let her open up herself a bit before you pop up the question. She will feel more relaxed to answer after that. Then, informally pop out the question, keeping it short and relaxed. Do not make it too complicated and fancy. Just the simple question––‘will you come to homecoming with me?’
Let Her Go If It Is A No
If she says yes, tell her you will talk to her more about this in the next few days. If she declines, do not ask her the reason, simply end it right there, politely. Keep no hard feelings inside you, you might not have got a date but you surely do not want to lose a potential friend. Therefore, let her go and look for someone else.

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