If you’re pondering over the question ‘how to tell him you love him’ and not getting any answer, check out this article to know ‘how to tell a guy you love him’.

How To Tell Him You Love Him

There are numerous ways to convey your feelings to your beloved. Probably it could be difficult to say it directly, or sometimes girls hesitate to reveal their feelings. Indeed the girls usually presume that it’s the guy who would say it first. But it’s also true that guys like to hear this as much as the girls like. Love actually happens after you start liking someone. And in fact, you must have had spent some time with him, that’s why you’re sure about your more-than-liking feelings. So, to tell you the truth, it’s easy to tell a guy you love him, especially when you know him to an extent.  Moreover, telling him your feelings is an important step in building intimacy in a relationship. Just three words ‘I LOVE YOU’ can take your relationship a step ahead. Before telling him, you must be sure about your feelings and be prepared for all possible responses. Read further to know how to go about it. 
How To Tell A Guy You Love Him
  • Make your mind that now you’re going to tell him about your feelings. After this, decide the date and place where you would tell him.
  • Before his arrival, set the mood of love and romance. If you desire, you can gift him something symbolic of love. 
  • After he comes, look into his eyes and take his hand in yours. Tell him that what he means to you. And what do you like about your relationship with him.
  • Also tell him how you feel, and how much you enjoy time while being with him.
  • Be sincere about what you say. Tell him what you value and appreciate about being together.
  • Following these things, tell him that you love him whenever you feel it’s the best time to say it. Say it in whatever way you like.
  • See his reaction and if he appears positive, celebrate your life with your love. Otherwise, wait for some days, if nothing appears positive, then move on in your life and relationships.

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