Interracial Relationships are the ones in which the partners belong to different racial groups. Explore the history of interracial relationships, along with the problems faced.

Interracial Relationships

Interracial relationships, as the name suggests, means a relationship in which the partners belong to different racial groups or backgrounds. For example, if a Native American gets involved with a person of Asian origin, the relationship will be termed as interracial. The trend of interracial relationships has been on the rise since past few years. However, even today, it is not much encouraged by people. Rather, many people in world prefer to stay away from an interracial relationship or marriage, even in the contemporary world.
Common Interracial Relationships
Though interracial relationships and marriages have been noticed throughout the world, we can see certain types of interracial couples on the rise. These include:
  • Native American and Asian
  • Asian and White
  • Black and White
  • Asian and Black
  • Native American and White 
The History
History has not been too kind with interracial relationships. Not only were they condemned by the society, but also deemed as illegal in many countries. For example - in 17th century, laws were passed in America, to prevent freed black slaves from marrying whites. The decade of the 1700 and 1800s saw more such laws being passed, even in other countries. Though the laws were later abolished, the attitude of society has still not changed completely and even today, a significant percentage of people regard interracial relationships with distaste.
Problems and Their Solution
Though there is hardly any relationship in this world that does not have its share of problems, the issues in interracial relationships are usually a bit more than the usual alliances. The first problem that is faced in such cases usually comes from the family of both the partners. The younger generation has moved much ahead of the concept of dating or marrying within one’s own community, caste or race, but their parents have still not become accustomed to the concept of interracial relationships and try to maintain the age-old practices.

If an interracial couple manages to overcome this problem, the next issue that arises is related to the manner in which the wedding will be held. As you get married, there are decisions concerning holiday traditions, religious worship, raising children, and so on. However, the best solution in all the cases is to have open communication at home, involving the partners as well as their families. Coming to mutually acceptable solutions and adhering to them can go a long way in maintaining good relations. Finally, remember that adjustment is the key. If you are ready to go that extra mile, nothing can mar your relationship.

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