Removing negative thoughts is vital for a person to remain focused on his/her goals. Go through the article and learn how to remove negative thoughts from your mind.

Removing Negative Thoughts

Every one of us fall prey to negative thoughts. It drains you out emotionally and mentally and it is like a disease; once you start having these thoughts, they keeps you away from being positive and from being in the present moment. It is painful to be always surrounded with such thoughts and constantly feel low because of it. Always thinking of everything in negative light makes one lose hope for goodness in life and for a better future. Negative thoughts essentially start from doubting one’s own capabilities and powers. It leads you to believe that nothing is in your control because you do not possess enough ability and since it is not in your control then the destiny must control it, which makes you feel vulnerable. When you get a tiny little negative thought and you start investing your attention into it, it becomes huge, more like a chain of thoughts and soon it goes out of your control and leaves you feeling helpless and massively pessimistic about your life. It is like a poison that kills your love for yourself and forces you to believe that you cannot ever be happy because you do not deserve it. Having negative thoughts can make you lose many good opportunities because you are convinced that nothing positive will happen in your life. People who are obsessed with thinking negatively, have this broken record of negative thoughts playing out again and again. Sometimes these people do not even realize that these negative thoughts are in their mind constantly. It becomes a pattern of life and the person who is suffering in this pattern is hardly even aware of it. This is when this habit of thinking negatively needs to be broken, since it has seeped far beyond the depths of your consciousness, it needs to be addressed ‘now’. You cannot let negativity become the way of life and make peace with its existence. It will always stop you from being anything better: a better person, a better achiever, a happier soul. An individual gets into the patterns of thinking negatively when either an important person in his life like his mother or father have told him something negative about himself or several people in his life made him believe in something negative about himself or out of guilt he has accepted something negative about himself. Whatever the reason is, one cannot live in the agony of negative thoughts. In this article, we have put together some simple ways to help you in removing negative thoughts.


Overcoming Negative Thoughts 

It is not an easy task to break the pattern of negative thinking but, meditation is the most effective way to deal with it. In meditation, our whole attention is on our thoughts which make us more aware about the nature of our thoughts. We train our mind in a way that not even a single thought goes unnoticed. Since we can recognize the unhappy and negative thoughts now, we can manufacture a way to break its chain reaction in our mind and body. In this sense, even yoga is a great help to remove negative thought. We mould our body and mind in such a way in yoga that we become more aware of the breathing and other sensations in our body. So every time we get a negative thought, we can pay attention to what it does to our body, what sensations it brings along and what vibrations you feel. When we pay attention to its effect then it slowly starts to disappear. But the key is to only observe it, not get involved into it.
Deliberate Effort
Instead of investing more time and energy into the negative thought, change the tone of the thought. Do not think what the negative thought wants you to think, instead every time the negative thought tries to convince you that there is a problem when there is none, kill it with a solution. If you are thinking about how you are not capable of something and you will lose the opportunity because of it, do not sulk and let the negative thought overpower you. Instead, think of a way to not lose the opportunity. You can only kill the negativity with positivity.
Stop Feeling Like A Victim
You have to put a stop to the incessant victimization. Do not always see yourself as someone who has been wronged or is suffering because of other people. You should take responsibility of your life and tell yourself that every choice you make in life decides whether you will be happy or miserable. Other people cannot be blamed for your state of mind.
Positive People
You should make an intentional effort to constantly surround yourself with positive people, people who are hopeful and spread joy. If you hang around with negative people, they will only reinforce your faith in negativity. Instead, be around positive people and learn the art of happiness and positivity from them. You can share your thoughts with them and learn how you can turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.
Be Easy On Yourself
Do not be hard on you if you still fall prey to negative thoughts. The process of breaking the pattern of negative thoughts will take a lot of time and you should be patient with yourself. This is not going to happen overnight, you will slip many a times but you have to get up and go at it again. Appreciate yourself every time you break the pattern of your negative thoughts, even if for a little while.
Help Others
You will find out that helping others will bring a lot of satisfaction and positivity in your own life. You will feel a sense of achievement and will not feel so much self absorbed. Negative thoughts make us self obsessed because we are continuously only thinking about ourselves and nothing that surrounds and interests us. Helping others would break that chain and for once we will come out of our conceited world and see the things for what they are, rather than living in our illusionary world of negativity.

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