Find out information on signs to know that a guy is flirting.

How To Know When A Guy Is Flirting

Love can happen at first sight or it might even take years to happen. Girls like boys, preferably hunks, falling for them, however, they loath to accept. Possibly there can be chances that you like some guy and he reverts back to you with same fondness. But how to know if a guy starts liking you and have started flirting with you. The question seems intriguing and stimulating, however, there is no substantial answer. Since men could be different and their ways to do flirting could be different, here are some general signs to determine if a guy is flirting with you. 
Whether it’s your first meeting or not, the interested guy would look at you frequently. However, a ‘not so interested’ guy would not look at you in the first meeting. If he’s really interested in you, he would keep on glancing you all over then be it a crowded dance floor or a romantic garden. In case, you find him smart enough to date, then stare him back. It is just to know whether he is really flirting or not. If he’s flirting and you’re interested, make an eye contact with him, obviously he would keep on gazing. Watch for the smile playing on his lips.
However, the way a guy peeks at you should be taken into notice. Probably, he might be glancing at someone behind your shoulder. Check out, was it a quick glance? Or was it done several times? If he keeps on glancing, you can look back and flirt at the same time. Some guys could be audacious enough to approach you at once whereas shy guys might move around with their glasses for few minutes before approaching you. The guy is certainly flirting if he is standing very near to you even though you have met only for dinner. Some flirtatious guys may try to get too cozy, though you have met him only this evening. A way, to know if a guy likes you, would be to watch out his body language. He might not move his leg away from yours, even if your leg may accidentally brush against his. Although he is at the other corner of the room, you may find him continuously trying to astonish you with a dazzling smile. All you girls out there, if all these signs go along, the chap is flirting with you for sure. If the guy is inclined to flirt, he would certainly want to impress the lady.
Such display of liking can be seen in different forms. An ostentatious guy may send you a bunch of flowers at work, simply to promote his interest. Otherwise, a smarter guy may even try to initiate a conversation with you. Possibly, he will try to crack some of the funniest jokes and try his best to get you by his side through extended conversations over dinner. The guy is actually flirting if he asks your cell number and calls you up the following day to know how you are. However all guys are not irritating, the more interested guys are usually good listeners and are bound to listen to their ladies as a sign of respect.

And yes, if he keeps in mind the details, he is really interested in you. Well, some men are born flirts who can say it directly in words. It’s very apparent if he says you’re beautiful and wishes to know where you reside. If he texts you all the time and uses sumptuous words of praise, then you should be attentive what you are in for. In general, flirting is healthy and can be fun providing you don’t hurt the related person. A bit of harmless flirting is good. But if the guy is really interested in entering your life, then you surely have a trouble around.

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