Are you suffering from a severe emotional trauma? Explore the article given below to know how to recover from it as soon as possible.

How To Recover From Heartbreak

You may remember the last year released film “Forgetting Sarah marshal” which was a sweet rom-com about a witty take on recovery from heartbreak. It is said that when the heart breaks, it doesn’t make sound but it hurt most badly. Whether it is by a lover who dumped you or whether you lost somebody close, or may be because of any other reason, heartbreaking can be very overwhelming and you may take a really long time to recover or sometimes may never recover from it completely. However, the thing, which you need to keep in mind, is that life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone and no matter how hard it may be, we have to move on with life. Generally, our natural reaction to heartbreak is to sit idle and keep on rewinding and playing the events that happened, in our mind screen. Sometimes we may even deny whatever happened and live in the past. The truth however hard it may be, is that, the done is done and you need to move on with life. Heartbreaking is a terrible experience but you can get over it, you just need to know few things. Explore the following pointers to know how to recover from heartbreak.
 Tips On Recovering From Heartbreak
Stop Playing Those Tragic Events Again In Your Mind Screen
Nobody wants to be sad and alone in the world. Even the life itself is an absolute search of joy and ecstasy. It’s a puzzle that people stick to saddest events and being so sorrowful even when they want to be happy. Osho once said that it gives people a strange kind of pleasure when they become sad by rewinding and playing the unhappy things from the past in their mind. Just observe and analyze this condition of the mind. Just be aware that your subconscious is enjoying in some way when you get to replay all the horrible events, which lead you to the heartbreak. Stop, Take a deep breath, pinch yourself, and observe what happens to you. You will suddenly become aware that you can be still happy no matter what happened to you. You can’t change even one single second of the past but you have all the freedom to design your present and future in a way you want. So never, try to see the sawdust. Be the captain of the ship and decide the journey’s direction.
Be With People Who Can Philosophize Your Sorrows
Philosophy is a very effective cure for heartbreaks. It helps you to see the world in different angles. You only look at the events in your point of view. Just look at it from other’s point of view. Always, try to have a vision of an eagle. Eagle‘s view is pure top angle. Form the top angle, all of the things on the earth looks non-important. When you realize that your problems are very minute comparing to other problems in the world, you get a relief and that relief will help you to take good decisions. The decisions taken in an emotional state of mind have all the possibilities to go wrong. A ripple less mind provides wisdom. You don’t even have to think to make a decision but your subconscious would provide it.
Go For Movies, Music Concerts
Movies are a very good medicine to keep you away from the self-destructive mood. It’s important to watch movies in theatres. You will enjoy the experience with the laugh and other noises made by a lot of people whom you don’t know. There will a used format of faces in your mind. Seeing fresh faces is a relief from that. The drama in the film will hold you for the next two hours. So it will keep you from the side effects of the horrible things that happened. This is the same case with the musical concert. Music can make you happy. Go to hard rock cafes, listen to some rocking music, or get an electric guitar yourself and sing ‘I walk a lonely road….the only one that I have ever known”. These activities will surely distract the sad mood and may also help you to get new friends in whose presence you would forget all the hellfire that had happened and would feel fresh again. Be in the crowd most of time and lose yourself in it.
Sleep Until You Are Happy
If you are able to sleep in any worse emotional conditions, you are one of the luckiest cults. Most people suffer from insomnia in this kind of conditions, which is caused by severe emotional problems. Try to sleep as soon as possible after the event. Sleep will minimize your anxiety and you may feel fresh after a good sleep. But pay attention to keep a good time table for your sleep. Sleeping all day is not a nice option for both your physical and mental well-being. Heavy sleep makes you feel full and ill and even can lead you to depression.

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