Chocolate Day, the day on which you give and receive chocolates from those you love, is on 9th February.

Chocolate Day

Come February, and the whole world seems to bask in the glory of love - reason - it's Valentines Day round the corner. While red seems to be the color of the month, cakes, heart-shaped balloons, candles and flowers the ideal boosters of the feeling of love. While talking about enhancing love, there can be nothing better than chocolates. Those melting moments spent with your lover, in the company of chocolates, have surely tantalized your senses and are just strikingly magnificent and arresting. Chocolates have this unique ability of bringing a smile across the face of any person and what better way to attribute them than to have a day dedicated to chocolates in the Valentine week.
Week Long Celebration
Gone are the days when Valentines Day celebrations were confined to a single day. In the present times, with the onset of commercialization, there is a complete week dedicated to the feeling of love, better known as Valentines Week. Right from 7th February onwards, there are special days for celebrating love, starting with Rose Day (7th February) and ending with Valentine’s Day (14th February). During this time, love seems to be in the air and everything turns blissful, enigmatic and absolutely romantic. Passion and ardor become the rulers of the mind. Believe it or not, it is the best time to express your love, be it towards your partner, friends, parents or siblings.
Expression Of Love
The best aspect about Valentines Week is that you have a number of ways to express your profound love and admiration. Kissing, hugging, presenting a rose, gift or chocolate are some of the most picked options, when it comes to expressing and articulating ones feelings. Talking about Valentines Week, Chocolate Day is one amongst these eight special days and falls on 9th of February, each year. It is the day, when you give chocolate to everyone who is special to you. Youngsters, today, are of the opinion that they can gift chocolates to their sweetheart or beloved one. However, this might come to you as a surprise that every person, who has a special place in your heart, can be presented with a chocolate, on this special day.
The Chocolate Touch
In case you are wondering how you should go about expressing your love, do not worry, as we are here to help you. With commercialization creeping into lifestyle, chocolates are no more restricted to being just a bar of sweet delight. Everything today, right from candies and candles to fragrance and toiletries, has a "chocolate" touch to it. However, before buying chocolates for your beloved, make sure you itemize each gift. For instance, get heart-shaped chocolates for your beloved, assorted chocolates for your friends and sugar-free chocolates for your parents! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Apart from the traditional chocolate bar, you can also go for unique ideas mentioned in the following lines. These would surely add that extra zing to your Chocolate Day.
Chocolate Day Gift Ideas 
  • Chocolates bouquet
  • Chocolate gift basket
  • Chocolate home spray
  • Chocolate fragrance
  • Chocolate spa gift basket
  • Chocolate scented candles
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate brownies and cookies
  • Fruit & chocolate fondue

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