You don’t need a miracle to heal your broken heart. Raid this article to know how and why.

How to Heal a Broken Heart

“Fell into the depths of a broken heart again. I'll die alone! I get lost in your eyes and I can't help but feel like I’ll never find love again.” Whatever we do and whoever we choose to love, we should always bear in mind that nothing lasts forever. Fall in love with yourself before anybody else. Treasure your life and individuality. Love, sex and relationships are three things you don’t want to miss! However, behold that there still is a beautiful life outside of the web of love. If you dare to love, heartbreak is inevitable. Just like how death is inevitable to those who live. Heartbreak doesn’t always lead to mental trauma, but physical pain with a tight chest, uneasy stomach and dreadful insomnia. A break-up seldom ends on amicable terms. If you took the plunge and fell head over heels in love, you cannot escape getting hurt. A thousand unanswered questions smother you and impede your ability to function consistently. The red flag flashes before you and you realize, it’s high time you mend that broken heart! Steal some techniques to heal your broken heart so that you can live a normal life again! 

How To Mend A Broken Heart
  • To solve any problem, the standard first step is to dig out the source of the problem. There are always layers of emotion that you failed to traverse. Discover your soft spot and what hurt you the most. The breakup itself might not necessarily be the palpable cause of a person’s melancholy. Hence, it is essential to introspect and get to the bottom of the crisis. There will always be a misalignment between the heart and mind. The mind logically refutes what the heart desires. Nonetheless, one mustn’t exert pressure upon himself to dig deep. 
  • We must face the reality of our crushed dreams head on. Grief is a part of the healing process, but we must get out of that shell of agony before it’s too late. Acceptance of the other person’s feelings is critical at this point. Relax; take a hot bath; relish a chilled beer and a fine meal as you let it sink in.
  • Grin and bear it! Call your friends on speed dial. Laugh together! Catch up on the latest comedy or raid your DVD Collection. Should it be ‘Will and Grace’, ‘Frasier’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’? That’s all up to you!
  • Let Go! The moment you hear the sound of the hammer strike against your palpitating heart, focus on moving on. Of course you need time to “get your act together”. Go upfront and give him or her hell. Just make sure you don’t dwell on it. You do not owe anybody a thing! It’s your heart and upon it nobody can trespass! Relinquish each and every memory! Gather all the items that remind you of the failed relationship and thrash them!
  • If you’re holding heaps of pent up rage within you, vent your frustrations by throwing darts! Hang a picture of your heartbreaker on the wall and set those fiery darts ablaze and on target! Decorate the poster with horns or an ugly moustache. Whatever helps you attain closure!
  • If you feel the need for a quick ego-booster, replace the picture with one of yourself (a really stunning one obviously). As you walk by the picture everyday, say sorry out loud straight to the picture. Apologize to yourself for giving yourself to somebody who was unable to value your worth. It helps! Win back your confidence! Start dating again.
  • Read a book every night before you go to sleep. Watch movies. Distract yourself and pick up a new skill. Move on! There's more to life than romantic love!
  • Resist the urge to call your ex.
  • Don't look at past relationships as failures! Think of then as stepping stones to arriving at the best relationship ever!
  • Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Avoid jumping into a rebound relationship.
  • Meditate. Chant mantras of relaxation. When you sing in the shower, pick songs like “I will survive” and “I Feel Good”.
  • Daily cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins that boost your spirits with an immediate lift!
  • Consult a psychiatrist if you are experiencing lack of appetite, insomnia, and an inability to carry out routine tasks.
  • Don’t bottle up resentment. Learn to forgive once you’re over the ex-partner. Just don’t get back and fall into the entire process again!

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