All those who do not know how to go about seducing a girl should check out this article. We have provided a number of seduction tips & techniques for a boy, to work his magic on her.

Seducing Techniques For Her

You met her, a couple of weeks back. Acquaintance turned first, into casual meeting and then, into dates. You have been together for quite sometime and now, the sexual tension has started arising between the two of you. Her slightest touch sends shivers down your spine and even a light flirtatious glance makes you feel like grabbing her right then and there. Patience dude, patience! Seducing a girl is all about playing your cards right and waiting. In this article, we have provided a number of seduction techniques for her, which will help a boy ensure that he doesn’t end up with a black eye.
Tips and Techniques for Seducing a Girl 
  • Remember, in the game of seduction, patience is a virtue. Never ever rush into things. Give subtle hints, let her take her time, gauge her reaction and then only go ahead. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself, do you?
  • The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the place of seduction. Girls love mushy stuff like candle-lit room, romantic music in the background, flowers on the table, wine in the glass, etc. The more romantic the setting, the better.
  • Creating the romantic heaven at your place is a very good idea. Most of the girls love the fresh, just out of the shower, look of guys. You can make her feel at home and then, quickly take a shower. The sight of your wet hair and smell of your cologne is sure to make her go weak at knees.
  • Now, it is the time to let your eyes do the talking. Eyes can convey your feelings in a much more effective way than the lips. Look at her seductively, not lasciviously. Let your gaze alternate between her eyes and her lips (fixing your a bit longer at the lips is also recommended).
  • Drop subtle hints while conversing with her. You can playfully derive double meaning from her talks or even tell her a naughty joke. This will give her an idea about the way the date is headed.
  • While sitting together, touch her lightly. You can even hold her hand, with the excuse of reading her palm. Then forget about the reading part altogether and start appreciating her hand. Play with her hair, whisper something into her ears, and so on.
  • Dancing is the best way to get close to her. Play a slow, romantic song and ask her to dance with you. This is the best way to build anticipation and the last step in the seduction process. Now is the time to get really close. Do I need to explain more!

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