Do you think the lovemeter in your life has suddenly gone berserk? Do you think it is high time to get rid of the guy in your life? Check out some useful tips for getting rid of boyfriend.

How To Get Rid of A Guy

Girls can be nitpicky when it comes to choosing that ultimate hunk in their lives. But, sometimes youthful indiscretions can lead to minor flings and relationships. You abruptly enter into a relationship only to learn that you have gotten hitched with the wrong person. The story ends happily if the guy himself walks out of your life. But, how to really put an end to the affair when you are attached to a guy who really seems to like you? Now, if you are someone who is sailing on a similar boat of a love-hate relationship and really want to get rid of the guy in your life, you have dropped in the right place. Check out these quick tips here and learn how to get rid of a guy. 
  • The best way for dealing with such a situation is adopting an honest approach. Tell the guy how you feel about the relationship. It is better to schedule an appointment and open your heart, rather than telling your feelings over the phone. 
  • If you are apprehensive about the face-to-face solution, you can try taking the help of a friend. Pour your heart to her and make her act as the go-between. However, this can be a bit tacky, as the guy might want an explanation from your end before ending the relationship. 
  • If you are completely against the idea of giving any explanation, just do the disappearing act. Do not receive his phone calls, do not answer back his messages and block him from your chat messengers. It is also better to change your phone number. He will surely get the hint. 
  • Now this idea is suitable for the drama queens. Put forward your worst facet. Act so detestably that he is the one who initiates the break up. Burp after every meal and walk in your favorite boxer shorts with unshaven legs. He will surely run away without looking back. 

Whichever idea suits you, it is always better to have absolutely no contact with him for a couple of days. Let him get the hang of life without your presence. There are no harms in remaining friends after sometime, but see that he is not trying to cling to the past by being friends.

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