Getting over emotional abuse is a very difficult task. We have provided a few tips in this article, to help you in healing yourself after emotional abuse.

Getting Over Emotional Abuse

Every other day, we read news about individuals being abused by their parents, teachers, partners, friends and the like. Usually, when we talk about abuse, it refers to physical abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse. Only few people have realized that there is yet another form of abuse, known as emotional abuse. Emotional abuse basically comprises of using filthy language, swearing, saying hurtful words, lying, accusing other person for own faults, criticizing all the time, dominating, not acknowledging other person’s emotions, etc.
The worst part of such kind of abuse is that the person who is undergoing it wouldn’t even realize he is being abused. However, he will start developing behavioral problems like remaining aloof, experiencing low self esteem, losing confidence in himself and even becoming prone to depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  Those who are emotionally abused often carry the burden with them throughout their life. The point to be noted is that getting over emotional abuse is not impossible. You just need to identify the problem and work over it.
Healing Emotional Abuse
  • First and foremost step towards getting over emotional abuse comprises of accepting the fact that you are being abused. Taking the abusive behavior of the other person as normal will get you nowhere. 
  • The next step comes in knowing that you are not responsible for the abusive behavior of a person. Please, please, please, stop feeling guilty. You have done nothing wrong. 
  • Remember that along with other relationships, you have a relationship with yourself too. Often this relationship gets distorted when you get abused. So, you have to build it again. 
  • Try to forget the past. What has happened; has happened. You have no control over it and you can never change it. Accept the fact that there was a bad phase in your life and try to get over it. 
  • Never ever let the demons of the past creep up in your future too. Remember, no two people in this world are alike. If you went through one bad experience, it doesn’t mean that good people have ceased to exist. 
  • Always remember that only you have the power and the right to control your mind, your thinking, your emotions as well as your behavior. You will never ever let someone destroy your life. 
  • Emotional abuse often leads us to mistrust every situation and every person. Relax, it’s normal. However, you have to learn to your inner voice. It will always guide you to the right direction. 
  • Be confident of yourself and your abilities. The person who abused you was not competent enough to realize your true worth. However, you know how precious you are. Just keep this in mind. 
  • Love yourself. We can never ever heal our wounds, if we always end up finding faults in ourselves only. Love yourself for what are you. I know that you are not perfect, but then, nobody is. So, learn to accept yourself. 
I know it is not too easy to get over emotional abuse. Remember that ‘Impossible’ itself says ‘Im possible’. So, there is nothing in this world that is unattainable. Just be patient, love yourself, trust others and let bygones be bygones. And, keep smiling!

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