Though all of us suffer from a bad mood at times, only a few are able to snap out of it quickly. With this article, explore ways on how to get out of a bad mood.

How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

Ian Thorpe, also known as ‘Thorpedo’, was a world champion swimmer who won eight gold medals in the 2000 Olympics. He had commented that the upcoming champion, Michael Phelps did have incredible ability, but would not be able to win eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, as the competitive spirit would be too intense. When Phelps was asked about this comment, he said there are three things that make him mad and put him in a bad mood, ‘fatigue, muscle soreness and taunts from Ian Thorpe’. However, Phelps did not let Thorpe get the better of him - he performed. In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he participated in eight events and won gold medals in each one of them! It is great to see the sportsmanship with which Phelps dealt with his negative feelings and constructively, diverted them to positive actions of achievement. But, not all of us have such a strong personality.
In most situations, when we are in a bad mood, we tend to lash out at others (through blatant or passive aggression) or become self destructive. This negative reaction is harmful for us as well as our loved ones and a conscious effort has to be made to change the mindset. It is a known fact that a person’s true personality comes out during bad moments. We have to inculcate in ourselves the ability to redirect our negative feelings, towards positive thoughts and actions. This will not only help us become more relaxed, but will also provide a less stressful environment for the people around. In order to deal with a bad mood, a whole mental paradigm shift has to take place. Discussed ahead are a few ways on how to get out of bad mood.
Ways To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood Quickly
  • When you are in a bad mood, it is best to divert your thoughts. Occupy yourself with something else. Any activity that is mechanical or mundane will help in getting you immersed into thinking of nothing in particular. Cleaning, doing paperwork or watching a movie will divert your thoughts for a while, until your mood improves.
  • If you have close family members or friends, you could also vent out your frustration. It is bad to bottle up your negative feelings and speaking them loud in front of a loved one will surely help you feel better. When you are in a bad mood, what you need is a ‘sounding board’, someone who is neutral and will listen to you without giving judgment.
  • In case, you feel that talking to someone about your personal thoughts is not possible, you could write them down. While some people maintain diaries, in today’s Internet age, they write blogs. Comments from strangers on your thoughts, through blogs, give that non-judgmental third person point of view, which is very much required to get out of a bad mood.
  • Music is known to be one of the best ways to relax. Playing your favorite tune is relaxing and tends to calm nerves as well. It helps you be positive, as you get to travel through the melody that pleases your ears as well as your mind.
  • Take a walk or change the scene. Being in the place or in front of the person who put you in a bad mood will only rekindle the negative feelings that you are trying to divert. Getting some fresh air or maybe a cup of coffee will give you space to distract yourself and clear your head.
  • It is also good to exercise, when you are in a bad mood. However, overdoing physical activities when you are down may not be advisable. Try activities like dance, creative outlets like pottery, painting or anything that interests you and lets you retain your peace of mind.

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