Have you often wondered how do I get a boyfriend? If you answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Check out the tips given here for getting a boyfriend.

How Do I Get a Boyfriend

If you want to feel lucky for being a girl, well here is the time. Girls have that perfect magic wand with which they can make guys go wobbly in their knees. The trick is to have the right personality, poise and of course, a few girlie grey cells that knows when to hit. Now, not everyone is born drop dead gorgeous, with a perfect 10 figure. It is more about how you groom yourself to earn those brownie points from your guy. In case, you are looking for some smart and safe tips on how to catch that dream fish, you have jumped in the right place. Check out these steps and put a full stop to the dull mantra of ‘How do I get a boyfriend?’
Tips for Getting a Boyfriend 
  • First, make up your mind about the attributes that you are looking for in your guy. Whether you want him to have a gym-fed body, a witty head, a loving heart or all the above.
  • The next keyword is ‘socialize’. If you have no mushy feelings for anyone in your own group, time to go out and make some new friends. Know your friends’ friends, your roommate’s cousin etc. It is better than hitting on strangers.
  • The moment you spot your dream man, do not hesitate to approach him. Most guys like bold woman, who hold no qualms about speaking out their minds. However, never ever make him feel that you are a lost puppy without him.
  • In case you find it a bit difficult to take an initiative, ask a close friend to handle the introductory phases. You can also try other smart ways to bring yourself to notice.
  • Once friends, excuse your girlie love for gossips and silly chatter for a while. It’s time to talk some real sensible stuff. Ask him about his hobbies, sports, ambitions and the like.
  • Never ever dominate the entire conversation, when with a guy. Allow him to be a speaker as well as a listener.
  • Display a sensual body language throughout. Make sure that you look as well as feel confident.
  • Once these initial phases are over, try to become one of his best friends. Remember, the starting phase of every long lasting relationship is friendship.
  • Now, if the guy really starts liking you, it’s the time for him to woo and flatter you. It’s the time to sit back and enjoy the result of your efforts!

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