Have you often wondered ‘what does a guy want in a girl’? If you answer is yes, we have solved your query by listing the qualities that men look for in women.

What Does A Guy Want In A Girl

It is said that ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. In other words, it is very difficult for either of the genders to understand the other completely. Especially in a relationship, partners find it quite difficult to understand each other perfectly. Though it is true that every person is unique in his/her own way and has a distinct personality, the members of a particular sex have at least some common traits. These traits, if learnt at an early stage, can help avoid most of the problems and fights that occur in a relationship. For now, let us concentrate on the guys only. I can imagine all the women out there complaining that they have done their best to gauge the needs and reactions of their partners, but every time they have turned out to be totally different from what they expected. It is true that understanding a guy is as difficult as comprehending a girl. Still, most of the guys share some common traits that can serve as your key, to knowing them as much as possible. Read on further and know what qualities men look for in women, both physical and emotional.
Qualities Men Look For In Women 
  • Good sense of humor. A woman, who can make a guy laugh, will surely make her way to his heart.
  • Sense of adventure. Every man dreams of a woman who is adventurous and fun loving.
  • Combination of beauty and brains. Nothing is more amazing than a good-looking woman with a large knowledge-base.
  • Ability to have an intelligent conversation, apart from makeup and movies.
  • Honesty and loyalty. Truthfulness and sincerity in a woman, is valued by all men.
  • Faith and trust. A man wants his woman to believe in his abilities.
  • Ability to accept others for what they are. Appreciating the uniqueness of every individual is a rare quality.
  • Confidence. Men adore strong women who are confident about themselves and are not afraid to walk into the spotlight when required.
  • Long hair. Men prefer women with long hair as they believe that long hair is a sign of femininity.
  • Minimal makeup. Most men love a woman’s natural look, which is why they prefer women with little or no makeup.
  • Individual style. Every woman has her own unique style. The distinctive attributes and charisma is what draws the attention of a man to her.
  • Similar interests and values. To be able to share the same interests and believe in the same values is a dream come true for every man.
  • Understanding. A man adores a woman who is sympathetic to a man’s needs.
  • Ability to laugh at herself. Men like women who don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Good personal hygiene. A woman who takes care of her health and practices a good hygiene is an essential quality that a man wants in a woman.
  • Dependence, but not to the point of being clingy.
  • Respect for elders and love for kids
  • Modernity, yet conservative in some aspects
  • Patience and maturity. Men like women with emotional maturity.
  • Good personality, not necessarily the next ‘Miss World’. She should have a good heart and soul.
  • A talented cook.
  • Content and upbeat with a positive outlook in life.
  • Romance and affection. Every man appreciates his woman expressing her love for him.
  • Ability to fight for herself. A man will respect a woman who stands up for herself.
  • A mind of their own.
  • Self-respect. If a woman can’t respect herself, she can’t expect the same from her man.
  • Willingness to express and communicate feelings.
  • Knack of pampering a guy. Every man wants to be pampered by their woman.
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • Interesting.
  • Sensitivity and passion.
  • An active and playful person who has the zest for life.
  • Free spirited
  • Open and straightforward. Rather than mysterious and secretive women, men appreciate openness in women.
  • Non-dramatic and level-headed
  • Humble and down-to-earth.
  • Simplicity. Men do not like high maintenance women or attention seekers.
  • Presentable and reasonably good-looking
  • Attentive. Men like women who care and listen to them.
  • Freely expresses herself.
  • Artistic and creative abilities.
  • Charming. Men prefer women who are charming and sweet.
It is a fact that men and women see the world differently. Understanding that men and women are different is important, but when it comes to a relationship, most qualities listed in this article apply to men as well. At the end of the day, a man searches for a woman who is affectionate and will support her man through all the ups and downs in life.

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