In case you are wondering how to use eye contact for conversation success, reading this article would be of help. Read on to find tips for successful eye contact conversation.

How To Use Eye Contact For Conversation Success

Eyes have been the windows to the soul. A lot can be conveyed from a person’s eyes. For most people, making eye contact with another person provides a feeling of intimacy and openness. Also, it is difficult to lie while looking directly into a person’s eyes, with an exception of very few people mastering this technique. Making an eye contact while conversing signals your presence, communicates your confidence and translates your sincerity. At some places across the world, looking elsewhere while in a conversation with someone is actually considered to be an insult. Using eye contact effectively proves to be boon for establishing close relationships with people. Read on further to find tips for using eye contact for successful conversation.
How To Use Eye Contact  Properly In Conversations
  • Make a good balance between making eye contact and looking away. While avoiding eye contact during the conversation can indicate that you are nervous or trustworthy, maintaining too much eye contact can make the other person uncomfortable. Also, it might reflect over-confidence and impudence. It is also advisable not to stare directly into the eyes of a person.
  • In case you are one of those who feel uncomfortable at looking directly into a person’s eyes, this is what you can do. Do not look into the person’s eyes directly, instead, look gently at the eye area, such as the eyebrows or bridge of the nose, allowing your eyes go a little bit out of focus. This would help you remain in your comfort zone without showing that you are nervous.
  • Some people stare too intently into the eyes of the person without looking away, thereby making the other person uncomfortable. In case you are one of them, soften the stare by glancing away from the person at a gap of few seconds. However, make sure that you bring back your attention to the person’s face with whom you are conversing.
  • While you are conversing with a person, let him/her know that you are listening intently. Show keen interest by gazing at his/her face every now and then. Glancing too much towards the room or looking at other people around makes the person feel dejected or ignored.
  • Include facial expressions, like smiling, nodding and gazing, to let the person know that you are interested in the conversation. This makes you look friendly. Keep your facial muscles relaxed and change your facial expressions, with the change of the conversation.
  • Every culture has its own rules with regard to eye contact. While Caucasian people living in North America prefer making a lot of eye contact, people from Oriental countries avoid doing so. Hence, while conversing with such people, make sure that you make only the required eye contact.
  • In some cultures, making contact is not allowed for a woman towards a man who is not related to her. In other cultures, a woman making eye contact is considered to be sign of an unrespectable woman.

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