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Frank Sinatra

Born On: 12th December 1915
Frank Sinatra
Born In: Hoboken, New Jersey (USA)
Nationality: American
Career: Singer and actor
Died: 1998
Frank Sinatra was an American singer and Academy Award-winning actor. Gifted with great talent and good looks, he attained the status of a popular singer and became the heartthrob of girls in absolutely no time. His talent was not only restricted to singing. Frank also gained popularity for his acting skills and received Academy Award for the same. Throughout his career, which spanned almost five decades, Sinatra continued to mesmerize his audience and not only won laurels, but also their admiration.
Childhood and Early Life
Frank Sinatra was born as ‘Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra’ in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA), on 12th December 1915. Right from the childhood, Frank was never interested in his studies and he left school without graduating. Thereafter, he worked at the Jersey Observer newspaper and even became a riveter at the Tietjan and Lang shipyard for some time. It was in the 1930s that he started giving attention to his singing talent. In 1935, Frank joined a local singing group - The Three Flashes, after much persuasion from his mother. Then onwards, Frank started his journey to become one of the most popular singers of America.
Later Life
Frank Sinatra left the first group he joined after a few months and in 1939, he recorded his first song, ‘Our Love’, with the Frank Mane band. The great singer joined Tommy Dorsey’s band the same year. In 1940, Frank recorded ‘I'll Never Smile Again’ and also made his debut appearance in the movie called ‘Las Vegas Nights’. His association with Dorsey did not last long and he recorded his first solo sessions, without the band, in 1942. The same year, he opened at the Paramount Theater of New York and never looked back.
His career, both as a singer and as an actor, started soaring. Frank Sinatra signed with Columbia Records in 1943, but came back to Paramount the following year. In the next few years, he started noticing a decline in his career, especially with his rating in ‘Down Beat's annual poll of most popular singers’ slipping to number 4. In 1950, he touched a new low after experiencing hemorrhaging of his vocal cords on stage. However, two years later (1953), he made an impressive comeback in the movie ‘From Here to Eternity (1953)’ and even won an ‘Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor’ for it.
During his years with the Capitol Records, beginning 1953, he delivered many great numbers. The decade of 1960s saw Sinatra touching new heights in his career. He formed Reprise Records, his own label, and also recorded Ring-A-Ding-Ding (1961), the first album on the label. The same year, he recorded his last songs for Capitol Records. In 1966, Frank recorded as well as released his first live album ’Sinatra at the Sands’, which reached No.7 in the UK and No.9 on Billboard. The following year, he did a series of recording sessions with Antonio Carlos Jobim.
Frank Sinatra announced his retirement in 1971, but came back two year later, with a television special and album, both entitled Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back. In 1979, he performed for Anwar Sadat, in front of the Egyptian pyramids. The decade of 1980s saw him releasing his triple album 'Trilogy: Past Present Future', facing a controversy and being selected as one of the 5 recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors. He started the decade of 1990s by organizing a national tour, as a part of his 75th birthday celebrations.
The same year, Frank was awarded the second "Ella Award" by the Los Angeles-based Society of Singers. In 1993, he once again came back to the Capitol Records and recorded ‘Duets’. In December 1994, the consummate singer gave his last performance in a public concert, which was held in Japan's Fukuoka Dome. The very year, he also received the privilege of being awarded the ‘Legend Award’ at the Grammy Awards. Frank had been suffering from failing health since the past couple of years and in 1998, he said his final good bye to the world, after suffering a major heart attack.
Frank Sinatra Timeline 
  • 1915 - Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
  • 1935 - Joined a local singing group, The Three Flashes, which later became the Hoboken Four
  • 1939 - Recorded his first song, ‘Our Love’, with the Frank Mane band, Married Nancy Barbato
  • 1940 - Joined Tommy Dorsey’s band and recorded ‘I'll Never Smile Again’, Appeared in his first film, ‘Las Vegas Nights’
  • 1942 - Recorded his first solo sessions, Opened at the Paramount Theater in New York
  • 1943 - Signed with Columbia Records
  • 1946 - Released his first album, ‘The Voice of Frank Sinatra’
  • 1949 - Co-starred with Gene Kelly in 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'
  • 1950 - Experienced hemorrhaging of his vocal cords on stage
  • 1951 - Married Ava Gardner
  • 1953 - Separated from Ava Gardner, Won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (From Here to Eternity)
  • 1957 - Got divorced
  • 1961 - Released the album ‘Ring-A-Ding-Ding’, under his own label ‘Reprise Records’
  • 1966 - Released his first live album ‘Sinatra at the Sands’, Married Mia Farrow
  • 1967 - Recorded a duet with daughter Nancy, ‘Somethin' Stupid’
  • 1971 - Announced his retirement
  • 1973 - Made a comeback with a television special and album, both titled ‘Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back’
  • 1976 - Married Barbara Marx
  • 1979 - Awarded the Grammy Trustees Award
  • 1980 - Hit the Top 40 with ‘New York, New York’
  • 1983 - Selected as one of the 5 recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors
  • 1990 - Celebrated his 75th birthday with a national tour
  • 1994 - Held his final public concerts in Japan's Fukuoka Dome, Given the ‘Legend Award’ at Grammy Awards
  • 1995 - Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance (Duets)
  • 1996 - Won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance (Duets II)
  • 1997 - Nominated for a Grammy Award with Luciano Pavarotti, for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocal
  • 1998 - Honored with the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards
  • 1998 - Died of a heart attack, at the age of 82

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