Do you have friend or a family person who does not shut up when you want him to keep quiet? The following article states the different steps you can take for shutting up a person.

How To Get Someone To Shut Up

People who love to talk can sometimes be annoying when conversing at the wrong time or place. They simply like to talk and they like to hear themselves talk. Empty talking is the gateway to negative reaction and abusive action. People can hear nonsense to an extent until their head is filled up. But people who are hyper-energetic often fill the universe to the brim with useless blabber. That is when the listener gives up his tolerance and vents out his frustration over the speaker. But, there are ways where a person can be shut without showing anger. The following article focuses on shutting a person without offending them.
How To Make Someone Shut Up 
  • When the person who irritates you starts talking, look away and ignore him.
  • Pretend as though that person is not present there and if needed, catch up another person and talk to him.
  • In case the person asks you why you are ignoring him, simply don’t answer his question.
  • Keep avoiding the person as long as possible until the person gets the message or understands and stops talking to you.
  • Avoid smiling at their jokes also.
  • If the above does not work, make excuses that you have to go somewhere else or meet someone.
  • If at all required, tell him directly to shut up.
  • Be serious while conveying this and do not show him that you are joking.
  • Tell him you are least bothered and do not care about what he is saying.
  • If none of the above works, simply walk away from him.
  • If this also does not work, stare at him. With a completely blank facial expression, focus on a spot between his eyes. He’ll surely look away and leave you alone. 
  • You cannot shut up a person unless you are serious.
  • Do not try the above steps on a very emotional person.
  • In case you are bound to feel guilty later on, do not try this.
  • Make sure not to offend the person while shutting him up.
  • Never request a person to be quiet. It is hard to shut him that politely.
  • Do not let the person know that he talks too much; else he may never talk to you in future.
  • The above procedure will not work on people who do not care or notice when ignored.

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