If you are pondering over things that should not be said to your girlfriend and not getting the right answer, here is a guide to enlighten you about what not to say to your girlfriend.

What Not To Say To Your Girlfriend

Love and tussles happen commonly between girlfriends and boyfriends. Though guys are usually cool about most of the things, girls certainly are emotional and even feel offensive when it comes to their looks, figure or beauty. Many a times, guys can be found getting their heads off in finding out what did they say wrong because of what their ladies are not talking to them. So, given here is a list covering things not to say to your girlfriend. All guys out there, who are desperately looking for a solution to their problems, must memorize these things with the intention that next time this won’t happen.


  • Girls like to hide their age. So, don’t ever ask them “when’s your birthday again?” or “how old are you?”.
  • Not even a single girl want to be called fat, so never tell your girlfriend that she looks fat.
  • Don’t give any remarks that can prick her fat nerves. Like telling her about horizontal stripes, especially on the day, she is wearing.
  • As expected, if she doesn’t want to be called fat; she would never like pointing out by anyone when she is eating more than before.
  • Since she likes to be your highness, don’t say even by mistake “Haha, my friend mistook you for my elder sister the other day”.
  • She is intelligent enough to tackle you. So, don’t say “Never mind. You won’t understand, anyway”.
  • Probably, she is not in a mood to talk with you. Manage the situation and never say,”What’s wrong with you?”
  • Girls are fond of clothes. If they like some dress, then whether it’s expensive or cheap, they would make all best possible efforts to get it. That’s why don’t dare to ask “How much did that dress cost? Looks expensive”.
  • Never ever praise any girl in front of your girlfriend. So, don’t say “Wow, your sister looks hot in that dress”, “Your sister looks cute today”, or “That hot girl is my ex-girlfriend”.
  • Girls don’t like their comparison with their moms or old women. Try not to say “You’re becoming more and more like your mom everyday”, or “Your mom is hot so what happened to you?”
  • Never admit that she looks fat and steer clear of saying “Aren't those your fat pants?” or “Are you really going to go dressed like that?”
  • Girls like to be praised all the time. Don’t show your stupidity by asking “Is that a new pimple on your face?”
  • As they are conscious about their looks and appearance, never dare to say “Why do you smell like that?”, “How much do you weigh?”, “I'm getting you a dress, are you size 24”, or “What size are you, here's an XL”.

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