If your boyfriend turns out to be a bad kisser, don’t worry. Here are a few tips to deal with him so that you can happily make up with each other with a passionate kiss.

What Do You Do With A Bad Kisser

“A kiss blown is a kiss wasted, the only real kiss is a kiss tasted” is a saying about kisses. Your partner is a perfect match. He is also caring, kind, exciting, humorous and all that you would love him to be. But it turns out, he’s just a terrible kisser. Kissing is something that comes by itself and nobody learns it. Yes of course you can perfect the art of kissing each time you kiss. For most of us, kissing builds up relationships, but alas, the impotence in delivering a passionate kiss can indeed become more than just a pesky matter! When you find out that he is a sloppy kisser, it can even lead to a breakup, however great he may otherwise be. A bad kisser always presumes that if one woman can put up with him, then all can. And it’s worse if his idea of great kissing means lots of saliva and lots of tongue play! But bad kissers can be dealt with tactfully, and with some courage and patience. 

How To Deal With A Bad Kisser

Get Away
You should be really worried that your flame is a bad kisser only if you want to pursue a relationship with him. But if you aren’t keen on pursuing the relationship or it was just one of those flings at a party where someone who casually kissed you turned out to be bad at it, then forget it and move on! Don’t mess around with that person and excuse yourself by saying you are feeling tired or want to leave early.
Give a Kiss Back
Suppose you want to continue the relationship with your bad kisser of a mate, just look him in the eyes and kiss him back by saying “This is how I like a kiss to be”. All you need is patience and your guy will surely become an expert smoocher.
Find Out Your Definition Of A Good Kiss
Before you give suggestions to your man, you need to figure out for yourself what good kissing is for you. This can be a little difficult, as we all like different kisses at different times. Think about it and find out the real problem so that you can tell him and show him how to rectify it. You just can’t go about telling your partner that “You are a bad kisser” or “You kiss very badly”. You should give concrete tips.
Lead By Example
If suggestions or explanations don’t work, why not demonstrate? Certain things cannot be explained and even if explained cannot be understood without a practical example! This will work out well if your partner doesn’t have much exposure to kissing or if he isn’t sure whether what he is doing is actually correct. However, maturity is required on both sides while doing this.
Signaling Works Out Better
When you feel that your partner is not kissing you the right way, don’t pull away. Body language helps a lot at such junctures. The other partner will understand and may change. On the other hand, if he does something you like, make it a point to let him know that it felt good. You may hold him tight, moan softly or melt into his arms; in short, send reassuring signals. Never lose patience. Your paramour is bound to learn faster than you expected.
Strike A Conversation
If you feel that signals aren’t working, and you want your partner to kiss you more passionately, try discussing with him the way you really want him to kiss you. By telling him what you really need highlights the area of development. You may probably make a small joke and make the situation light. If he still doesn’t understand, demonstrate to him with the help of a scene from a movie or a novel. Be specific and clear.
Communicate Directly
When all hints fail, it’s high time you both have an open talk. Even though at times it is really uncomfortable to talk about such things openly, you have to do it to save your relationship. Be tactful about what you talk and see that your beau is not hurt by the way you put the matter to him. He will surely understand that you are doing it only for the good.
Finally, when you feel nothing is working, no matter how much you tried, and if your partner is really good in every other way, then try to live with it. Or, if the person is not just a bad kisser, but defies constructive criticism in other areas of your relationship, too, then he is less likely to adapt to your other future needs, too. This might not make for a good long-term relationship. It’s really hard to breakup with any one, but it is better to seek someone more suited to your preferences. Such a person would probably make changes and become a better partner in the future.

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