A form of precipitation, acid rain causes harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals & infrastructure through the process of wet deposition. Go through this article & find out facts about acid rain.

Acid Rain Facts

Global warming is the most talked about issue currently. Hazardous changes in climatic conditions, melting of icebergs, floods, etc. are a direct result of increasing global warming. Most of us love to get wet in rain, but not all rains are good for exposure. Any rain which has a large percentage of nitric and sulfuric acid present is called acid rain. Acid rain takes birth due to the emission of harmful poisonous gases from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere. It may also be a result of deposition of acid in wet or dry form. Acid rain can occur in various forms of snow or fog. The acid rain has the capability to destroy the earth’s life and affect sea, air and nature in the worst way possible. Its effects may take quite a long time to vanish. In short, it can be said that acid rains have a major impact on the entire environment and is extremely harmful for areas having lakes, streams, flora, fauna and woodlands in the surroundings. The only way to stop it is by decreasing the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere. This can be done by burning lesser fossil fuels. In the following lines, browse through to explore some facts about acid rain.
Facts About Acid Rain
  • Acid rain affects many aquatic species, which eventually impact others in their food chain, including non-aquatic species such as birds. and animals. Humans, too, indirectly fall in the trap by consuming the affected aquatic and non-aquatic species.  
  • Forests are greatly damaged by acid rain. It destroys many essential nutrients of soil by releasing aluminum and other harmful metals in the soil, thereby making it difficult for the trees to take up water. The leaves of the trees are also greatly affected by acid rain, as it destroys their waxy coating. This, in turn, destroys the process of photosynthesis.
  • Acid rain also decreases the immunity of the trees to thrive in cold temperature. Also, trees become weak in protecting themselves from insects and other diseases.
  • Lakes and streams are already a little acidic in nature. However, acidic rain can make them extremely acidic that it may result in the damage of animal and plant life.
  • The acidic precipitation is not just in the form of an acid rain. It can also be in the form of acid snow, acid fog or mist, acid gas, and acid dust. The form depends on the physical temperature of a particular place. All have a similar effect as of acid rain.
  • Mostly acid rains are caused due to large burning of coal plants. Fossil fuel burning is another major factor that causes acid rain.
  • Acid rain can kill the trees in huge number at one go.
  • Area in which acid rain is caused may become hazy or foggy. Thus, acid rain affects the visibility of the affected area.
  • Acid rain has also been linked to breathing and lung problems in small kids, especially for those suffering from asthma. A healthy person’s lungs can also be damaged from acid rain.
  • Not just humans and environment, acid rain affects the building and monuments as well, in the worst way through corrosion.
  • 50% of the acidity present in the air is dropped back on the earth surface through dry depositing.
  • Humans can fight against acid rain by switching off the electricity when not required, decreasing the factory smoke, lower burning of fuel, keeping the vehicles clean and using air conditioners to the minimum.
Study the above listed facts about acid rain and take steps to make the environment pollution as well as acid rain free.

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