Be Yourself is what should be everybody’s motto. If it’s not yours as of now, it will be right after you skim through this motivational article.

How To Be Yourself

You’re only a drop in the ocean but every drop counts. However, unlike tiny water drops, we as respectful individuals are unique beings in so many diverse aspects. To be yourself, you need to discover yourself! By impersonating the latest movie star or the most popular kid in school, you are being a disgrace to none another than yourself. When you find yourself and learn to be yourself, one fine day you will fall madly in love with yourself and then, nobody in the whole world can ever let you down. Remember how miserable you felt while sporting that mini skirt at the high school ball? All you wanted was to jump into your track pants and play football with the boys. Yes, you’re not just another sheep in the flock! You’re the rainbow colored one that stands out in the crowd! On seeing somebody else prosper and triumph in all, we assume that by emulating him, we are paving our way to success! One may say that a mask of gold hides all deformities but do note that no mask remains! The façade will soon be revealed. So don’t waste your time masquerading as strangers when we can invest the given time in developing a pure and genuine personality. 
Tips For Being Yourself
So you might be compelled to conform to societal or esoteric norms to be granted certain privileges and bask in the sense of belonging. You ought to connect with your inner self and liberate yourself from all bondages created by society. Discovering the “real you” is the gradual but therapeutic process which is going to be worth your time.
Who Are You?
There’s no possible way you can be yourself without knowing who you really are. You pretend to idolize football player David Beckham because your neighbor does and you want to gain his approval. Soon enough you will realize that you don’t know what interests you because you’ve been whiling away time with what least interests you. Understand yourself, figure out where your deepest passion lies and be proud of your qualities. Contemplate your life and the choices you’ve made. Take personality tests and you will eventually disentangle the buried mesh of what had been your true interests and hobbies all along! Accept it with pride!
Forget The World!
So what if the person besides you passed a nasty comment on your outfit. As long as you’re comfortable, does it really make a difference to your welfare? Or do you hesitate to raise your hand in class to ask the question that’s persistently been pestering you simply because you fear your classmates might find it silly and doubt your intelligence. Why is their opinion even worth it? You should feel stupid for putting their opinions before your clarity on the subject! Forget the world, live your life and be yourself. Happiness will be right behind you!
Breathe & Be Honest
Why do you want to live through the rest of your life safeguarding your sticky web of lies? Life is never rosy for anybody. Maybe at the beginning, you might not be as fortunate as certain other coveted beings. Nevertheless, if you hold your breath and take each day as it comes, life’s delicate balance will soon manifest itself. There is no good reason to be ashamed of who you are. Whether it’s a physical or mental shortcoming, the most trusted way to overcoming it is by acknowledging it with courage. We are all blighted with flaws and by hiding them, we are only adding to that list!
Express Your Individuality
The moment self-confidence is on your side, a beautiful and unique personality will blossom! Standing out isn’t easy but it usually comes from within. It might be a skill, or a manner of speaking or infectious charisma. Build up on a character that singles you out from everybody in your planet. Be yourself. Even oddly colored slippers might accentuate your eccentric character after which you might garner admiration from different sides. Don’t be a prototype, be a proud unique individual.
Believe In Yourself
Take off that hideous mask and unleash the beauty hidden underneath its eternal ugliness! If you try to be what you’re not, you’re going to be unhappy through the remainder of your fake life. Thrive on solitude, engage in soul searching and you will soon be well acquainted with your new best friend- The Real You. Life will soon turn into a elongated party interspersed with memorable episodes of sadness, joy, laughter, bitterness and all the emotions experienced in the life that is worth living!
See, there’s no reason to fear being yourself! We will all be adored for who we really are but it has to start with us accepting ourselves! Good Luck!

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