Blind dates can be exciting and scary, at the same time. To avoid terrors and blunders, go through this article and know the top tips for blind dating.

Blind Date Tips

Going on a blind date is sufficient to affirm the famous idiom ‘Love is Blind’. Blind dates are similar to first dates, with the difference being that they are scarier and riskier. Probably, that’s the reason why most of us avoid accepting blind dates. Unlike the first date that has enough baggage about the who’s who without any trunkful of unknowns, a blind date has enough reasons to question oneself. Is she reserved or outgoing? Is he tall and handsome or short and grungy? What would he/she wear - skirt or jeans? And so on, but the obvious question that runs us down into jitters is what does he/she look like? Being continuously burdened with such thoughts can only make your date a dreadful and stressful ordeal. However, considering the brighter side of this affair, it can actually be an exciting and interesting adventure, and you never know, you may just happen to meet your perfect romantic partner whom you had always been looking for. Navigate through the following lines and find top tips for making your blind date a success.
Blind Dating Tips
Right Location
Blind date is nothing, but going on a date with a complete stranger. Thus, it is best to choose a public place since you do not know about your date’s preferences. You can pick your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or shopping mall as your ideal blind date spot. Since the two of you would be meeting for the first time, you do not have to be romantic at the first instance. Further, meeting at a public place will increase your comfort levels.
Move To The Spot
After you have finalized the meeting spot, decide on how you would be getting there. It is always best to use your own mode of transport to move towards the meeting spot. Not only will you be independent, but you will always have the opportunity to get away from the date, in case the conversation gets nasty or awkward.
Dress Up
First impression is the last impression. Thus, to make a decent impression to your date, it is advised that you put in some sober and sophisticated attire. Wearing gaudy or provocative clothes can only communicate negative feeling and impression. After all, you wouldn’t want to rub the wrong way, would you?
What To Do
Since both of you do not know each other well, coming up with some interesting ideas or doing exciting things on the date can be difficult. To avoid any clashes regarding things to do, it is best to simply chat and get to know each other. Basic questions about each other should be the task for the day. Know his/her likes and dislikes. However, if both of you have reached the desired comfort levels, you can proceed towards moving out and doing something fascinating. Ensure that you are attentive and friendly towards your blind date’s feelings and conversation.
Pay The Bill
You have met, chatted, and enjoyed some fun moments. Now, it’s time to move out from your setting. The obvious question is - who pays the bill? Quite a tricky question, especially when you are strangers to each other, it makes no sense to burden the guy with the entire cost of your outing. To make things easier, let the guy pay the bill if the girl is okay with it. But it would be ideal if both of you share the expenses.
Say Good-Bye
Make sure you thank your partner for the date at the end of your meeting. Though you may not necessarily have clearly stated about how you feel of him/her, you can definitely mention if you would want to date that person for a second time or not. Also, agree to do so only if you are comfortable. If you are meeting again, you can exchange numbers/email address to make the second meeting a better date.

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