Simple life is a complete boredom. Annoying people can be a good way to inject fun in life. Go through this article and check out ways to annoy people.

Ways To Annoy People

Are you the one who loves to play prank and annoy people around? Some people always want to have some fun and frolic in their life. To fill and maintain an extra excitement in a boring lifestyle, they keep on doing some or the other activities which might be irritating to others. While some annoy others because of personal issues, mostly people annoy to have fun and an entertaining time. There are various ways to annoy people. With small, insignificant things, one can easily convert irritation to big annoyances. Answering every question with another question, being always late or interrupting people between talks are most common examples by which people get easily annoyed. Some people are naughty enough to do it knowingly, while others do it naturally without even realizing. If you are on the second category, you have all the means to infuse fun and frolic in life. As for people in the first category, they need to look out for innovative ways to annoy people. Read along the following lines and make life naughtier and funnier.
Top Ways To Annoy People
  • If you have a glass eye, tap it again and again with your pen while conversing to the people around.
  • If you are eating with many people, start licking your fingers and all your food conspicuously.
  • If you have cat as your pet, name it “dog”.
  • Insist people to turn on their car’s windshield wipers on in all the climatic conditions, “just to keep them in workable condition”.
  • Always reply the people “that’s what you think”, no matter whatever conversation they are doing.
  • Claim a person you want to annoy, to wear a bicycle helmet as an important part of the “astronaut training”.
  • Follow a person all around he goes and spray anti-septic or sanitizer on whatever he touch.
  • When your boss leaves for the day, make irritating and beeping noises.
  • Never add an inflection at the end of your sentences. Instead, produce an awkward silence, accompanying it with an expression that you are going to speak any moment.
  • Hide the dairy products or some lovable products of people in inaccessible places.
  • If somebody is watching his/her favorite show, change the channel 5 minutes before the end of the show.
  • Decline to sit in a restaurant but start eating the complementary mint available at the cash counter of the restaurant.
  • Repeat same stories or conversation a dozen times to the same people.
  • Roam around a restaurant and ask for some salad to other people having food.
  • Put your hand on someone’s shoulder and mumble to whatever they say.
  • Ask the gender of people when you meet them.
  • Start chewing the pens, you have bought or someone else’s pen.
  • Sing along the singer in an irritating voice.
  • At a restaurant, ask the waiter for an additional chair for your “invisible friend”.
  • Share the same boring joke with your colleagues or friends every morning.
  • Make up an appointment or ask people to meet at 30th February.
  • Invite many uninvited people at your friend’s birthday party.
  • Always signal the other people that the conversation is over by keeping the hands on your ears.
  • Staple paper in the middle of the page every time people ask for the help.
  • While walking down your home, honk at or wave strangers on the way.
  • Avoid walking as much as you can, rather opt for skipping.
  • E-mail your colleagues at the office that “if somebody needs help, I’ll be in the bathroom”.
  • If there are many empty seat available at the theater or any gathering, sit in between the strangers and stare them continuously.
  • See and touch the food at the family dinner and say “I should not eat it” and pass the dish to the other guest.
  • Never have money if going out with friends. Ask them to lend for a day and then forget about it.
  • Poke and tickle people occasionally with your middle finger. This will be really irritating.
  • Work on your imagination power and come up with various ideas.
  • Many people do not like to be annoyed. So, always proceed at your own risk.
Follow the above mentioned ways and have a gala time freaking people out and make them annoyed.

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